持田 哲志(もちだ さとし)

Age: 17

Height: 168cm (5’6”)

Weight: 54.2kg (119lb)

Birthdate: July 4, 1991

Blood Type: O

Student Life:

Main character… that is all.

Okay, okay here are some facts.

Apparently has difficulties with geometry as he got a low score on one of his mini-tests (tests done in order measure understanding for a single topic within a subject).

His kind nature is well known by friends and faculty. This occasionally has him roped into doing favors for them since they know he won’t refuse.

Enjoys the pork cutlet sandwiches that are sold at the school cafeteria, but often fails to acquire them. A variety of events occur that prevent him from getting to them before they sell out. (e.g. his mother giving him a lunch box with only a thousand yen bill and a note asking him to buy lunch (thus delaying him to the point the cafeteria had closed before he could get to it), or joining the line just in time to watch the very last one being sold out in front of his eyes, etc.)

Often ends up escorting his little sister after school. Is not involved with any after school clubs or societies.

His morning walk to school is either with his little sister, if not Yoshiki. This is an old habit from when Yoshiki used to skip school quite often. In the past he would come by to Yoshiki’s apartment most mornings to drag the delinquent to school.


”(… this guy’s intuition is no joke… Well, that’s like the only good thing about him… Finds out what people are worried about, or what makes them happy real quick…)”

(Yoshiki thinking about Satoshi’s perceptive nature)

Kind and easy going, Satoshi serves as the mediator/binding agent for their group of friends. Things he agrees upon tend to be accepted by everyone else.

“You’re a real fraidy cat, aren’t you?”

“No I’m not!”

“Weak against women, scared of ghosts. Can you even go to the bathroom without me?”

“What did you say?!”

(Yoshiki and Satoshi after riding a roller coaster.)

Although most people would be annoyed by Yoshiki’s occasionally scathing remarks, Satoshi responds to them with childish anger. This often turns cynical into comedic. The two of them arguing is often looked upon as a source of amusement by the girls of their group.

Satoshi: “So the guy’s will be on drinks duty then. Morishige, you want green tea, right?”

Morishige: “Huh? Oh, well remembered.”

Yoshiki: “Hmm, for me… let’s see…”

Satoshi: “Huh?… Not listening.”

Yoshiki: “Eh? H-hey!”

(Satoshi looking out for a slightly queasy Morishige while still being annoyed at Yoshiki.)

Although he can’t refuse requests, he still takes a leadership role for his gender in their group of friends. Pro-activity and sensitivity to the wants of others makes him a surprisingly good leader.

“Ms. Yui, your bike chain came off today, didn’t it? I love watching when you fail. Ahahaha!”

(Satoshi’s slightly mean streak(The English translation changed his dialogue to make it less mean.))

Satoshi isn’t a saint and does enjoy the occasional bit of schadenfreude (enjoyment derived from the suffering of others). Regardless, he still places the well being of his friends and family above himself.

Unlike Yoshiki, Satsoshi has a firmer grasp of his own limits and is less likely to dive head first into situations. He has regretted this caution, however, lamenting that he may have been able to do more if he was a bit pushier.

“(I don’t think this is about rationality anymore.)”

(Satoshi questioning Niwa, Kuon’s thought processes.)

When offended by people other than his friends, Satoshi tends to act as calmly and logically as possible, instead of arguing back like he does with Yoshiki or Naomi. He will collapse from a headache if situations get too ridiculous though. (For those interested in the limit it would involve having a hot spring built in his front yard without prior notice, and a school friend of his little sister’s trying to seduce him with her bust.)

“Sensei, were you crying?”

(Satoshi worrying about others.)

Even if offended by someone, he still cares about what they feel. A real goody two shoes who can’t stand people being sad around him.


(Satoshi angry.)

Even with all the above points, Satoshi is still capable of being angry with people. He is a caring person, but not caring to the extent where that is his only reaction to things.

Similar to Yoshiki he tries to save those he can, but although he pities and pays respects to the dead, he makes no attempts to save them.

May have a boob fetish.


He is best friends with Kishinuma, Yoshiki and is childhood friends with Nakashima,  Naomi.

He is most at ease with these two and their friendly chatting can break up tense situations and introduce a warmer atmosphere.

His relationship with his little sister is quite strong. (It is interesting to note how Yuka’s death causes him to darken while Naomi’s doesn’t.) Additionally, his sister is probably the one person he can watch a “scary” movie with (Mostly because what is defined as “scary” by Yuka isn’t scary for Satoshi anymore.). This does result in her asking him to walk her to the bathroom for the next couple of days so there’s nothing much to gain from doing this. He is trying to get her to stop though. (This is from the Drama CD if you are wondering.)

Doesn’t think too far into his relationships and hence doesn’t really recognize whether his feelings for some of them are romantic or not. For him, his friends are simply precious. If they are happy, he’s mostly content.

Niwa, Kuon fell in love with him for some unknown reason(s).

According to her it began from the day she became their assistant homeroom teacher.

Since Satoshi has no memories of these events, he doesn’t understand how to react to her numerous signs of affection towards him. (It gets to the point where Kuon offers to feed him mouth to mouth. However, whether this is a sign of how far Kuon’s relationship with Satoshi was or simply Kuon’s oddball nature is debatable.)

It is notable that there seem to be events that Kuon does remember that Satoshi doesn’t. i.e. their relationship was not only a teacher student one. (The realization that this Satoshi doesn’t love her back and the lack of his memories causes the stopped timer on her watch to begin counting down again.)


No major supernatural one, however, a few interesting characteristics are present.

Extreme tolerance to pain:

He can experience being; stabbed, strangled, both his legs broken, set on fire, and experience a high fever without losing his sanity from the pain or becoming mentally distraught. He does get depressed from it though.

Possible resistance to spiritual attacks:

Was the only member who could reach Yoshie’s diary as both Yuka and Naomi experienced massive headaches when they approached the room it was kept in.

Physical fitness;

He is relatively fit as he can carry about 45kg(99lb) on his back while running over uneven ground and tackle things such as the Anatomical Model hard enough to send them flying. However, this does not translate into fighting skills as his inoffensive nature coupled with his lack of experience often leaves him with no idea what to do.


Can sense what people are feeling and work out why they are feeling that way. Has proven useful in building friendships as well as figuring out the grudges and curses of the spirits he has had to deal with. His eye for detail is quite high. However, his trusting nature tends to make him take people’s words at face value, thus hindering this ability.


Although a personality trait, this kindness often makes him appear more trustworthy and can occasionally be helpful in acquiring new allies. His attention to the needs of others has turned hostile characters into ambivalent or sometimes cooperative ones.

Harem King(?):

An unverified ability. Has attracted the attention of multiple women from a variety of social archetypes. As Glamors (spells that attract people towards you) do exist in Corpse Party-verse it is possible this effect is not solely thanks to his personality or looks.

Resistance to the Ridiculous:

His family life is slightly crazier than it looks.

The mother of the Mochida family has a bizarre sense of humor. She sometimes hands her son a lunchbox with nothing but a 1000 Yen bill and a note asking him to buy lunch with it (Possibly in order to stop him from complaining about her not making lunch. (By handing him a lunch box with the lunch money she can trick him for long enough to avoid the complaints. Also, hopefully by the time he returns home, he’s no longer bitter about it)). Additionally, his mother seems to have no problems having Kuon as a new family member. This probably means she was ready (possibly even hoping) for a future where Satoshi may marry Kuon.

This resistance may be a trait possessed by all the members of the Mochida family as his father has no qualms at finding a hot spring being built in front of his house without being told about it.

Satoshi himself finds his family’s adaptability insane at times but most decides to simply shrug and get on with it.

His calm outlook and ability to deal with stressful situations may be a by-product of this hectic daily life.

Minor Cooking Skills:

Knows enough about cooking to make egg rice porridge, a meal often prepared for people with colds.