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I am just going to assume I know what this is about and I feel you. Things I would rather see: 

1. Four hour video of Liam talking about birds. What do you know about birds Liam? Big Bird counts. What birds are the other boys? (Cue in fanart of Louis as a peacock with fringe and Harry a beautiful ostrich in glitter boots). Don’t know anything about birds? Fantastic! Sing. Four hours of OOOoooOooooOoooohs. I believe in you. 

2. Grill something Niall. How do I make a steak? How do I grill? And if I don’t eat red meat how do I cook a mushroom to taste like steak? What seasonings? Talk t me. Get an ice cold beer, cuss at the grill. Amazing. 

3. Zayn paints. It’s a bit on the nose…but wait there’s more! Zayn paints with kids. WHAT. I just killed the world. No…but imagine how cute! How cute? “He wants to paint a tree?” *big goob smile of the sun and little shrugs*..HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE?

4. Harry and babies. No. I couldn’t handle it. I could not handle it. Babies. No, it’s fine. He can talk about something else. He can read us poetry or show us how to write songs. Not babies. Forget I said babies. No. 

5. Louis sleeps for a month and then takes a selfie or something saying HARRY AND I ARE MARRIED TA! Songwriting? Anything. Football? His favorite football players? Strategy? Anything….any thi ng. 

Would also take: Ziall watching paint dry, 1d interviews, 1d on bean bags, 1d, 1d promo, 1d just being out without it being an NBC special, 1d at a Lakers Game, 1d fishing, 1d walking, Ziam shopping, Nouis playing football, Zarry seeing a movie, Narry guitar sessions, 1d out and about, 1d doing things, 1d. 

Or as someone said…Niam on elephants.