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단 한 사람 Because Of You (From '객주'), Pt. 2
  • 단 한 사람 Because Of You (From '객주'), Pt. 2

170127 - today marks the one year anniversary of Taeil’s OST release!

here’s how you could celebrate:

  1. wait for the sun to set
  2. put the song on loop
  3. cry
oh funk lads, it's a MUSIC TAG

thanks to @agonyisthetruth for tagging me i put my music on shuffle and wrote down the first ten songs to play~
1. The man who sold the world // midge ure
2. OFFmix // GIRakaCHEEZER
3. Blue // cowboy bebop OST
4. Road taken (Roar) cover // Shady Cicada
5. Aqua’s song (Brave ver) // Fates OST
6. Flos // Blazblue OST
7. Another Medium // Toby Fox
8. Moonsetter // Toby Fox
9. Dress down // Kaoru Akimoto
10. Take a walk // passion pit

Yes it’s almost all game OSTs ok this is the life i live. Ok i tag @crowprinxe @dippereyes @fuchsia-vision @danganronpusassholefactory @kisa13 @fuzzywuzzybuckybear @sourpatchdweebs @nyo-iggybrows @666homi @mediati0nal-field

And @existential-dreaming

Ok “Tomorrow with you” is putting me into a really sad mood TT and God knows that if I have any talent at all that is totally to find super sad depressing songs T-T

I mean come on~ look at the lyrics too!


For real tho, Jung Joon Young’s last album is so glorious, everyone please give it a try!