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단 한 사람 Because Of You (From '객주'), Pt. 2
단 한 사람 Because Of You (From '객주'), Pt. 2

170127 - today marks the one year anniversary of Taeil’s OST release!

here’s how you could celebrate:

  1. wait for the sun to set
  2. put the song on loop
  3. cry

personal opinion on hiveswap ost: i like pretty much every song, ok?

all manor background songs are good, really atmospheric and not distracting in any way. they are not super memorable, but that’s a good thing, probably the most fitting for a point-and-click adventure soundtrack. jude theme was a little distracting though, but i still liked it.

i didn’t pay too much attention to them at first, but strife! songs are incredible. like, all of them. my favorites are probably “that’s how i beat snake” and “table for tooth”, they fill me with some kind of strife-energy :D

still, troll songs are the best. i mean, “rustblood”, “keep your head down”, “some kind of alien”? but my absolute favorite is “filthy nuclear bunker”, it’s sooo good. it reminds me of “pumpkin party”, but less weird and more jazz-y, i guess? i’ve been listening to this song for two weeks non-stop. i feel like it’s underappreciated tbh.

also “open the door” and “wish you were here” sound like something straight out of homestuck, i liked them a lot. i feel like “open the door” should be a little more dramatic, but also not quite sure about that?