ostfriesische inseln

Sunset on the island of Borkum, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Northern Germany. It's the largest and westernmost of the Ostfriesische Inseln (East Frisian Islands) in the Nordsee (North Sea), due north of the Dutch province of Groningen. Mentioned as Burchana Fabaria (Island of Beans) by Strabo and Pliny the Elder, Borkum by the time of Charlemagne was part of a larger island called Bant, which consisted of the present day islands of Borkum, Juist, and western Norderney.

Beach on North Sea island of Borkum, Niedersachsen. Borkum is the largest and westernmost of Germany’s Ostfriesische Inseln (East Frisian Islands) near the Dutch border. In the 1400’s, it became known as a center of piracy and whaling. As whaling decreased, the island suffered from poverty, resulting in depopulation. The first tourists arrived in 1834 and the island’s fortunes improved as a tourist resort. In 1934, Wernher von Braun launched “Max” and “Moritz” here, the two prototypes of the famous A2-rocket. The island is partially car-free. Off-season, driving is permitted everywhere, otherwise there are car-free zones. There’s an air field, and ferries from Emden and Eemshaven (in NL).