Shopping recommendations


I’m visiting Copenhagen and Stockholm in September! Do you have any recommendations for shopping, eating, exploring the cities?


Hi Amanda!

Although I am Scandinavian, I’m not 100 % qualified to answer, as I’ve been to Copenhagen like once, but Stockholm I’ve been to more. Still: ATTENTION ALL SCANDINAVIANS FOLLOWING OD: Come hither with your tips, and I’ll post them for Amanda to see!

So, for Copenhagen I don’t really know, and I hope a follower might help you better. For Stockholm: depends what you’re looking for! I’ve mostly been in a part of town called Södermalm, which is South Stockholm. I love it there, and good shopping stuff. Vintage and more hip stores. For expensive stuff, you have to go to the other side of town, to Ostermalm, and to a street called Birger Jarlsgatan. There’s all the designer goods! Ostermalm is nice for stunning buildings, but I love it more in South Stockholm. The vibe is more my thing. I love to go to a place called Kvarnen there, for traditional Swedish food (that’s also the fave place of Stellan Skarsgård I’ve heard, and he’s an old Swede + a big foodie, so when he approves, it really is good!). I also love Gamla Stan (Old Town). When you cross the bridge from the south side of town, Gamla Stan is coming right up. It’s the cosiest place in all Stockholm! Lovely streets, good places to eat, weird little shops. I recommend it oh so much. If you have time, I also recommend going to some islands. Get on a boat, and you’ll see some amazing places. Djurården is perhaps the most famous, but it really is nice. You’ll have a great time, Stockholm in Indian summer/beginning of fall is so beautiful. 

Hope that helped you a bit. Again, I hope maybe some Danish followers can help you more, or maybe some Swedes who want to add to the Stockholm guide.