A Kid from Queens (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Title: A Kid from Queens

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Info: CA: Civil War Era. Tony Stark enlists his daughter to find the web slinging spider in Queens.

Word count: 1922

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Facetime: Tony Stark

Your finger hovered over the ‘Accept’ button before tapping it. With everything that had been happening in the last few days, you were a little on edge.

“Hey dad, everything alright?” You asked, after asking FRIDAY to pause the AC/DC record you were listening to.

“Yeah sweet cheeks everything’s fine… considering all that’s happening. But I need you to do me a favor.” He asked, he looked exhausted.

“Alright what’s up?” You asked, sliding into your desk chair behind your laptop.

“You’ve seen that spider guy on Youtube right?” He asked, causing you to furrow your eyebrows.

“The web slinger guy? Yeah what about him.” You shook your head. Where was this going? You thought.

“I need you to find him.” Tony said nonchalantly.

“Find him?” Your eyes grew wide, you were taken aback.

“Yes, track him down… we may need all the help we can get if things don’t get any better.” He said, implying more. You knew things weren’t going well with Cap but you didn’t think it was this bad.

“How exactly do you want me to find this… Spiderling?” You asked, hundreds of ideas circling your head… you did have a flair for the dramatics so this should be fun.

“Dealers choice.” He answered, and your face morphed into a mischievous smirk.

“Excellent. You have a deadline for me?” You asked, knowing that if necessary you could find this guy in about two hours.

“A week. Think you can handle that?” Tony asked you.

“Peace of cake.” You flashed your famous Stark Smirk.

“That’s my girl.” Tony returned it.

“What do you want me to do once I find him?” You asked, already making notes on the pad next to your laptop.

“Nothing, I’ll bring him in if necessary. I just need someone on deck if things go south. All I need is a name and address.” Tony answered.

“I can do that. Hey, any news on Cap?” You asked, curiously but also worriedly. This was your family, and you hated seeing it being torn apart.

“Not since Vienna. Sometimes I just wonder if I made the right decision in signing.” Tony said quietly, signing and rubbing his face.

“Well I’ve already told you what I think. There’s ethical dilemmas on both sides. But in signing you’re trying to do the right thing, oversight isn’t the worst idea at a time like this. With New York, DC, Sokovia, Lagos and now Vienna you’ve got a major PR fire on your hands. Put it out and deal with the consequences. Rebellion is always an option down the road if the agreement isn’t in the best interest of the people you set to protect. You need friends on the inside and right now you don’t have any. Documents can be amended, but right now this fire needs to be put out.” You told him honestly.

“You always know exactly what to say, don’t you? Glad to know that philosophy doctorate is being put to good use.” He smiled.

“Money well spent. Oh- and I suppose you’ve also considered that if you do end up bringing this Spiderling in that it might be a little embarrassing fighting side by side someone in a onesie? He’s in dire need of an upgrade, I mean have you seen the thing he’s flying around in right now?” You laughed.

“Since you’re so concerned about it why don’t you design it? I’ve seen some of your sketches, I know you won’t let us down.” He said, which was code for you’re right but I can’t possibly be bothered to do it right now. That also meant you’d have full control of the lab.

“Well I am my father’s daughter. Consider it done.” You blew him a kiss and ended the call.

Taking out a sketchpad and placing your feet up on your desk, you got to work.

“FRI? Can you map out all the spider sightings for me?” You asked. If you assembled the different locations you should get a pretty good idea of his ‘hunting ground’ so to speak. After finding the perfect location only then could you set your plan in motion.

“Right away Ms. Stark.” FRIDAY replied. A plan like this required darkness, and seeing as it was 11am that wasn’t something you could exactly manufacture.

“Can you also compile all the sighting videos for me?” You asked, and immediately they began playing on your screen.

You watched intently as you jotted down suit ideas. Before you had known it you’d had a complete sketch.

11:00pm. Perfect timing. After some quick errands and $500 later you were ready to meet the Spider.

You stood on the crosswalk of the Queensboro Bridge, looking down into the probably icy waters. This plan better work. You eyed the man across from you, your senses were on high alert. An 18 year old girl alone in the middle of the night might not have been the best idea, but for your mission it served you well. And you were no normal 18 year old. Two doctorates by 18, with your skills, didn’t really classify as normal.

A gunshot about a block over drew your attention. Before you knew it your bag was being tugged at and you were stumbling backwards.

“Hey! Stop!” You yelled, your efforts yielding no results.

This man wasn’t giving up, even as you teetered on the edge. You knew it was coming and yet you weren’t ready for it.

You fell back, your stomach dropped as your hand reached up towards the bridge that was getting continually farther away. You let out a scream, but your breath was cut from you as another body collided with your own.

Now instead of falling, you were flying. You knew you had to act fast, you slipped the small metal tracker from your sleeve and attached it to the back of his ‘suit’. Though you could hardly call it that.

You were set back down and ready to continue the act of damsel in distress.

With tears in your eyes you looked up to your savior, making sure to let a few slip down your cheeks.

“Hey you’re alright, you’re safe now.” He tried to reassure you and calm you down.

“Oh my god. You’re that spider guy. You saved me.” You griped onto his arm.

“Just doing my job.” He spoke, he sounded younger than you imagined. You began to size him up, making sure FRIDAY was analyzing his measurements so you could get to work on a suit.

“Thank you!” You yelled out as he shot a web and swung off. “FRI?”

“Tracker placement successful.” FRIDAY replied as you pulled out your phone and watched the moving red blip.

“Perfect. And send whatever measurements and specs you got to the lab, we’ve got a suit to build.” You smirked, hailing a cab.

You woke up in the lab to a monitor beeping at you.

“Ugh FRIDAY what the hell is that?” You groaned, looking at your watch seeing it was nearly 1 in the afternoon.

“Your tracker seems to be on the move. Midtown School of Science and Technology.” FRIDAY explained.

“Let’s pay him a visit, shall we?” You smirked, heading to the elevator to change and head out.

By now it was 2:45 and you were leaning against the cool brick next to the school’s exit. You tapped your bootie on the ground and brushed some fuzz off one of your dad’s old band shirts. With some leather pants, even you had to admit you looked good.

You heard the door open beside you and you slipped your glasses on.

“FRI run facial recognition.” You whispered, seeing the information appear on your glasses.

“Name Peter Parker, age 15, address is 14-” FRIDAY began but you cut her off.

“Peter.” You called out and he spun around. You crossed your arms with a smirk. It took him a second to recognize you, but you could tell he did.

“Sorry do I know you?” He stammered as you pushed your glasses up into your hair.

“Y/N. Just wanted to thank you.” You smiled.

“Thank- Thank me? For what?” He lied.

“Oh come on Pete. So talk to me about this web fluid. You make it yourself? Because the tensile strength is off the charts.” You strode over to him.

“I don’t- I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He stuttered.

“Pretty interesting stuff. You’re a little younger than I expected, you must be some sort of genius.” You looked him up and down.

“I’m not a genius.” He stated. You slipped your glasses back on with a brow raised and read his file.

“Straight As, gifted program, advanced classes since kindergarten. Awards, scholarships. I know genius Pete, and you sound like one to me.” You finished, pushing your glasses back up.

“Who are you?” He asked, a bit of fear in his eyes.

“An interested party.” You smirked, lowering your hands into your pockets.

“Interested in a kid from Queens?” He raised an eyebrow.

“A kid from Queens with superhuman strength that shoots webs and looks great in red spandex. Well that last one’s just a bonus.” You smirked, biting your lip. His mouth dropped open. You spun on your heels and yelled back, “See ya around Pete.”

After working on the suit all night you were almost done, and pretty damn proud of it. The one thing you couldn’t figure out was how the kid climbed walls, it surely couldn’t be his shitty onesie. Instead of wasting your time you decided to pay this Peter Parker another visit.

Pulling up the tracker on your phone you found him at Delmar’s in Queens. That wasn’t too far from the tower, so you decided to borrow one of your dad’s cars.

“Hey Parker, fancy seeing you around here.” You said, approaching the bodega after parking the car.

“Are you following me or something?” He asked, rolling his eyes.

“Or something.” You smirked.

“So you jumped off a bridge just so you could find me and put a tracker on me? You must be pretty crazy… how’d you know I’d come?” He asked.

“I know your hunting ground, and it wasn’t entirely random. I’m not stupid, I made sure you were in the area before I was pushed.” You argued, following him down the street.

“How’d you do that?” He stopped, turned to you and asked.

“Gun shot.” You answered, simply.

“What?” He asked, confused.

“The mugging one block over was to draw you out, the gunshot was the signal your arrival. Sure there were probably easier ways to find you, but hey I was bored.” You shrugged your shoulders.

“So the whole thing was like a scene from a play.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“Precisely.” You nodded, before getting to the reason you were here, ”Hey Spider-kid I’ve got some questions for you.”

“I’m Spider-Man.” He corrected you, after glancing around to make sure you were alone.

“Not in that onesie you’re not. Anyway, the whole climbing walls thing. Is that the suit or you?” You asked, after smirking from your quip.

“Me.” He answered slowly, not knowing why you asked.

“Good.” You nodded, walking back towards your car.

“Why?” He asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” You smirked.

‘Hey Y/N, you got a last name?” He called over to you, as you unlocked your car and hopped in.

“Yup.” You answered with a wink, revving the engine to your Audi convertible and speeding off.

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Talking Past Each Other: Anarchism and The Two Meanings of “Capitalism”

But a quick glance at the major anarchist thinkers of Europe, England, and America would ostensibly indicate that all were firmly anti-capitalistic, a closer look will show that this is incorrect, for the term “capitalism” has been used in socialist literature in two contradictory manners. On the one hand, the term is used to denote production according to the dictates of the market, or in socialist terminology, “commodity production.” On the other hand, capitalism is defined in terms of class relations, i.e., the ownership of the means of production by the “bourgeois,” or ruling, class. The former may be termed the economic definition and the latter the sociological definition. If the economic definition is used, it follows that the more things are handled by the market, the more capitalistic the society. This means that price controls, tariffs, licensing restrictions, state unemployment compensation, state poor relief, etc., whether they are considered beneficial or not, must be classified as anti-capitalistic institutions since they constitute modifications or restrictions of the market. Since the state does not sell its services on the market, “state capitalism,” according to the economic definition, is a contradiction in terms.

But if the sociological definition is used, the state becomes compatible with capitalism, for whatever serves to entrench the bourgeois class, the owners of the means of production, in power is, ipso facto, “capitalistic.” Since both proponents and critics of capitalism were in general agreement that market competition would force the “rate of profit” to fall, the two definitions lead to mutually exclusive consequences. Since the economic or market definition posits pure laissez faire, any government intervention to protect the interests of the bourgeoise is anathema. But that is precisely what is entailed in the sociological definition: state intervention to protect profits and institutionalize the position of the property-owning class. When the sociological definition is used, capitalism becomes incomprehensible without control of the state by the bourgeoise. For with the power of the state behind them, the bourgeoise are able to protect their privileged positions from the threat of competition by the establishment of tariff barriers, licensing restrictions, and other statist measures.

The proponents of capitalism, however, had only the economic definition in mind when they defended capitalism. Far from intending to defend state intervention to preserve artificially high profits, it was, in fact, such pro-capitalist writers as Adam Smith who vehemently condemned such “mercantilist” arrangements and urger their replacement by free trade capitalism. Since comparison can only be made when definitions tap the same domain, confusion occurred because of these definitional differences, and critics and opponents of capitalism talked past each other when many were in basic agreement. But if the economic spectrum is analyzed from the point of view of the economic definition only, then comparison can be made on the following basis: capitalism would be equated with the market, communism with the absence of the market, and mercantilism with a mixed or restricted market.

communism                                mercantilism                                capitalism
0: ————————————————:—————————————–:100
non-market                               restricted market                                market

We are now in a position to reassess the anti-capitalism of the anarchists. What is evidence in such a taxonomy is that while certain anarchists such as Kropotkin and Bakunin must certainly be classified as socialist or communist, others like Proudhon, Godwin especially the native American anarchists such as Josiah Warren, Benjamin Tucker, and Victor Yarros, despite their characterization of themselves as socialists, must be placed within the capitalist camp…

-David Osterfeld, “Freedom, Society, and the State (excerpt). Anarchy & The Law. Edward P. Stringham, ed. 2007. pp. 505-506

A Kid from Queens Part 2

Title: A Kid from Queens Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Info: CA: Civil War Era. Tony Stark enlists his daughter to find the web slinging spider in Queens.

PART 1 PART 3 masterlist 

Word count: 1716

Back by popular demand, I got a bunch of requests for a part 2, here’s some of my favorites-

@theridiculouspanda HOLY SHIT BALL PART 2 PLEASE!!!!!!! THIS WAS AMAZING

@aesthetic-heros Can I get a uhhhhhhhhhh part 2?


@curlycutiekinz I want a part two!! This is perfectly sarcastic and confused Peter is the best!

You barely heard the door to the lab open behind you, you were so deep in thought, mumbling to yourself about trackers and heaters.

“Wow.” You heard from behind you, causing you to jump.

“Dad! You scared me.” You said, rubbing your head. How long have I been working on this thing? You asked yourself, looking to your watch.

“I can see that, but wow look at this thing. You did this all by yourself?” He asked, examining the suit in front of him.

“Well don’t act so surprised, I am a Stark after all.” You smirked.

“The eyes look great.” He rubbed his finger over them.

“It includes a heads up display similar to yours. F.R.I. and I have even been working on it’s own AI. The webshooters probably took the longest, but we figured out about 500 different combinations of webs.” You explained.

“What do you mean?” He furrowed his brows.

“Well first we had to replicate the web fluid, and that took some time. But here, let me show you,” you said, slipping the webshooter around your wrist. “What the crime fighting spider uses right now is just a regular web.” You demonstrated by shooting a plain ‘ol web.

“Now we’ve got options for things like Ricochet Web, Splitter Web, Web Grenade, and my personal favorite… Taser Web.” You explained, shooting the webs onto an empty wall across from you.

“Wow.” Tony stood in shock.

“You said that already.” You smirked. “Of course all these advanced systems would take time and training to use, so most of them are currently disabled.”

“So have you actually found the guy yet?” He asked, fiddling with the suit.

“Um. Not yet, I’m still working on that part.” You spoke. Why did I just lie?

“Alright well, this looks amazing. Anything else you want to show me?” He said, obviously in a rush.

“We’ve got a parachute here in the back. I’ve got a surveillance drone here in the front.” You said spinning the suit and tapping the areas you spoke about. “But really it’s got everything you would ever need. Tracker, heater, ooh I even installed some webbing that could be used for flying. Well gliding really, but I think it’s pretty cool. And if the situation ever arises, we’ve got some instant kill lasers.”

“I should have let you design my suit.” He said, inspecting it some more. Your only reply was a smile.

You glanced down to your work bench and saw some of your original sketches for the suit. Peeking out you saw a sketch of Peter that you’d done. You made sure to push that far under the pile so your dad didn’t see it.

“I just came to check on you and your progress, I’ve got to go back to Berlin. They’re bringing Barnes, Cap, and Wilson in today.” He explained, straightening his tie.

“How is it being a government asset?” You asked with a smirk.

“Better than being a war criminal.” He kissed the top of your head before exiting the lab.

After he left the lab you picked up the sketch of Peter and began shaking your head. You knew why you lied. You knew how bad things were getting and you didn’t want Peter dragged into this. If there was going to be a fight, which you highly anticipated, you didn’t want him to get hurt. That’s why you threw so much energy into making this suit, you wanted to help keep him as safe as possible.

“Peter Parker you’ll be the death of me.” You whispered, biting your lip and hiding the sketch once more.

(sketch courtesy of @horcrux7750)

Two days later a phone call woke you up in the middle of the night.

Incoming Call: Tony Stark

“Hey dad.” You muttered in a husky voice.

“Hey shits hit the fan. I’ve got 36 hours to bring in Cap, Wilson, and Barnes. You find the Spider guy? It’s been a week…” He said, you immediately shot up in bed.

“Here’s the thing…” You began.

“You couldn’t find him? I’m shocked.” Tony said, you could hear the disappointment in his voice.

“No I found him within a day. I’m just not sure if you should bring him into all this.” You argued.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because he’s a fucking kid! He’s like 15.” You yelled into the phone.

“If I didn’t need him then I wouldn’t have asked you to find him. We’re seriously understaffed here. With Thor and Banner MIA we need some help.” He stubbornly retorted.

“You so sure Banner would be on your side even if he was here?” You snapped.

“Probably not, but as it is, we need the kid. Where’s he from?” He pressed.

“Queens.” You finally broke after a sigh.

“Ok, I’m coming to pick you up, let’s pay him a visit. I’ll text you when I land.” He explained.

“Ok. It’s just him and his aunt. As far as I can tell no one else knows he’s a crime fighting spider or whatever.” You explained.

“So we need an excuse to get him out of the country for a few days.” Tony stated.

“What about the September Foundation? He’s a really bright kid, kinda reminds me of you. We could say he applied for the grant and got it, now there’s a retreat or something this weekend.” You thought after a few moments.

“Perfect. I’ll see you in a few hours.” Tony said, hanging up the phone.

You groaned and plopped back down in bed dramatically.

You sat opposite of May Parker in an arm chair sipping tea. You rolled your eyes as your dad flirted shamelessly with her.

The door opened behind you and quickly closed. You heard footsteps pass you and go into the kitchen.

“Hey May. This crazy car’s parked outside.” Peter spoke, finally taking out his headphones and turning around. His jaw dropped open when he saw your father.

“Oh, Mr. Parker.” Your father smiled, putting his glass down on the table.

“What- What are you doin- Hey! Um, I’m Peter.” Peter nervously spewed.

“Tony… and I think you know my daughter Y/N.” He moved to the side to reveal you sitting behind them. You gave a short wave and a wink. Needless to say he was flustered.

“Daughter? I mean, right yeah, daughter, hey Y/N nice to see you again. What are you guys doing here?” Peter asked.

“It’s about time we met. You’ve been getting my emails, right?” Tony asked, you couldn’t see his face but knew he was giving Peter something that said ‘Go along with this’.

“Yeah, yeah.” Peter lied.

“You didn’t tell me about the grant.” May said.

“The September Foundation. Remember when you applied?” Tony asked, continuing the look to Peter.

“Yeah.” Peter nodded, shifting nervously on his feet.

“I approved, so now we’re in business.” Tony clapped his hands together with a smile.

“You didn’t tell me anything what’s up with that? You keeping secrets from me now?” May asked. She looked a lot younger than you expected, maybe that was just in the Parker family genes.

“I just know how much you love surprises so I thought I would let you know.” Peter spoke, you noticed his voice got higher when he was lying.

“Can I talk to him for five minutes?” Your dad asked, standing up from the couch.

“Sure.” May smiled.

“Y/N keep her company.” Your dad ordered, pointing to you.

“I’ll do my best.” You saluted him, as he followed Peter into his room and closed the doors.

“So how do you know Peter? You two go to school together?” May asked with a smile.

“No I’m 18, I already graduated. I ran into him about a week ago. I’m kinda clumsy and I tripped and he caught me. Talk about a meet cute.” You laughed.

“Usually Peter’s the clumsy one.” May laughed. “So do you go to college here in the city?”

“I did for a bit, but not anymore. I went to MIT and got my first doctorate in electrical engineering, then as sort of a side interest I got my philosophy doctorate from Columbia last spring.” You explained, trying your best to sound humble.

“So you take after your dad I see.” She laughed.

“Sometimes that’s not always a good thing.” You laughed.

Suddenly Peter’s door opened and both men walked out.

“All set?” You asked, standing.

“Yes dear.” Tony patted Peter on the back. “Ready to go?”

“Do you mind if I talk to Peter before we go?” You asked, slowly stepping closer to him.

“Quickly please.” Your father urged.

“Of course.” You nodded, closing the door to Peter’s room behind you.

“You didn’t tell me you were Iron Man’s daughter!” Peter whisper yelled at you. You placed a finger over your lips as you pushed him away from the door.

“It wouldn’t have made a difference. Are you sure you’re reading for this?” You asked, crossing your arms.

“For what?” He asked.

“For what you’re about to face this weekend. This isn’t muggings and bank robberies like you’re used to. You’re going to be going up against Captain America, The Winter Soldier, The Falcon, and I don’t even know who else. This is the major leagues kid, and I don’t want you to get hurt.” You explained.

“I’m not a kid, and I can hold my own.” He argued.

“You are a kid, you’re 15 Peter.” You retorted.

“I may be a kid, but I know that I have these powers. Powers that I have to use. Because when you can do the things I can, but you don’t… and then bad things happen, they happen because of you.” He said, quietly. And you were sure of one thing: Peter Parker was a good guy.

“If you die this weekend, I’ll kill you.” You sighed and he smirked.

“I’ll try not to. You got any words of wisdom going into this?” He asked.

“If you’re up against Cap: aim for the legs. His shield is only so big.” You smiled. “Feel free to drop by the tower when you get back, we may have some things to discuss.”

With that you sent him a wink as you left his bedroom, and returned to your dad in the living room.

Part 3 

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