Back at the start

Short writing drabble inspired by a gif of hand touching/holding in historical pieces.

This was it.
No turning back.

Well…in theory they could turn back.
But at the same time they couldn’t.

Turning back meant to fade into obscurity.
Maybe even forever.

This new, and unexpected solution, would at least grant them security of a life of some kind.
To be able to just settle down and not worry about the fading part.

Ortensia bit her lip as she stared at the colorful map in front of her.
Magic radiating strongly from it.
It felt new and inviting, but also strange and it honestly frightened her a bit.

But they didn’t have a choice.

It was a miracle they had lasted this long.
Something the sorcerer, who had made this paradise for them, had clearly expressed earlier.
The same sorcerer who was currently in deep conversation with her boyfriend about his new obligations as the first citizens of this weird little world.

She only half listened to their conversation, fixated on the sight of their new home.
Never hearing the sorcerer walk away and the rabbit approaching her.


The sound of his voice pulled her back out of her thoughts.

“It’ll be okay.” He continued as he put a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll probably won’t even notice that our hearts will be gone.”

The rabbit shot her a smile, though she knew him well enough that she could see some sadness in it as well.

All she could do was nod in reply. 
Biting harder on her lip.
He didn’t continue his encouragement, but instead gently rubbed circles on her shoulder with his thumb.

“We’ll never be able to get back.” Ortensia finally whispered.


“I’m scared Oswald.”

She heard him take a deep, shuddering, breath.

“Me too. But there ain’t anything else we can do Ortensia. This is the last road we can take.”

“Going back….” She started.

“Will not make things better.” He firmly stated. “You know it won’t and I sure as heck won’t let ya. You wouldn’t let me either.”

Again she gave a nod.

“I know…” The cat sighed deeply before speaking again. “I just don’t know…if I’m ready to take this all on. This…new life. It’s so different.”

“We have each other. I’m sure we can manage with your brains and my beauty.” A large grin curled up on his face. “No wait! With your brains and beauty.”

She giggled softly. Appreciating the attempt to cheer her up.
A warm hand gently took hold of hers, his fingers softly moving over her skin, his other hand eventually covering the back of her hand.

It felt loving. Warm. Familiar.
Far better than what little adoration she had gotten in their glory days.

“We’ll be fine?” The cat whispered with heavy uncertainty.

“We’ll be fine.” He assured her before pressing a small kiss on her hands. “We got each other. That’s all we need.”