“Kiếp này vì người mà si mê

Tình này thiên hạ vô song.”


“Gyoku” no sedai (“Jewels” Generation), represented by our Rebel4

I wonder how much of this is coincidence…
…And how much of this is set up.

Since the 92nd generation, the “jewel generation”… were all handpicked by you Senzaemon Nakiri, after all.

―Azami Nakiri, Ch.151 & 232


Kei (러블리즈) “군주 - 가면의 주인 OST Part.4”(Ruler: Master Of The Mask OST Part 4) - 별과 해

anonymous asked:

could you please vote for dreamcatcher in best new female artist, that would be so nice 💗

I can! :) I’ve had a few people ask me to vote for Pristin too, but I’m voting from more than one account, so maybe I can alternate?

Thanks to everyone else who replied to my post!!! I will take your suggestions (Monsta X, Seventeen, FT Island, Winner) into account when voting! :)