“Thank You, Followers” Megapost

I just wanna thank you all so much for following me, and for just being my mutual and/or friend. Most of all, I wanna thank these folks in particular (in no particular order):

If I forgot anyone, and I do mean -anyone-, please inform me so I can add your sweet self on this here list. Y’all are such amazing people, and I hope that some of my followers have gotten to know you if they haven’t already. Have a lovely day, everyone, and just remember: even if we don’t chat all that much, or as much as we would like to or used to, you are always on my mind and I still consider you as much of an awesome person as I did when we initially befriended one another.

So please know that you have a friend in me, and that I’m always here to lend a helping hand should you need it.

The Palace Children Childhood Headcanons

So the palace has secret hallways and stairs and stuff for the palace staff right? Now imagine the schreave siblings and maybe Kile and Josie exploring all of the palace and making fun out of playing hide and seek in the hidden hallways. And somehow Ahren would find a very short way from their hallway to the kitchen and he and Eadlyn would appear there for a midnight snack from time to time. And Eadlyn would find a way to a part of the roof (I bet you there’s more than one) and it becomes her favorite place for a while when she needs to be left alone. Imagine Kaden trying to make a plan of all the hallways but it’s just to much and he has to rewrite it every week. Osten will get the stuff from his siblings’ rooms and put it anywhere in a hidden place. Kile would find a room where he can be reading without being bothered by Josie or anyone else. Eventually they will get caught by maids and guards and others but no one would mind.


Human Beauchene Skull - A Beauchene Skull, also known as an exploded skull, is a disarticulated human skull that has been
painstakingly reassembled on a stand with jointed, movable supports that allows for the moving and studying of the skull as a
whole or each piece individually. In the mid-1800s French anatomist Claude Beauchene developed this method to display the anatomy of the head.


You’re mine - Dasom. | “The virtual bride” OST.