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Schleswig-Holstein in a Nutshell | Discover Germany

“Located between the North Sea and Baltic Sea, the maritime feel is never far away in Schleswig-Holstein. Joins us on a trip around the most northerly German state.”

Here’s to those who think Germany only has mountains and Lederhosen and stuff. I have actually had people try to fight me and go “Nooooo! Germany has no beach!” Well… maybe look a map sometime… or watch this video. ;D

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So I am present on all kinds of social media platforms. You know, I like to share my photos, so I had sign up on and I post on all those places.

Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Ipernity . I even post on photo websites in Czech Republic – Fotoaparat, Photoextract and Digiarena. Moreover, I have two Facebook accounts. One for real-life-people I really know and for my family. Second for sharing photos to people I have never seen in my life.

I mean, it is great to have attention. It is great when other people like what you do. I was playing this  social media game with passion and I earned some points. It is something like a game and you are expected to play. Like to those who liked your stuff. Comment back to those who commented to your photo. Sure, there are exceptions.

I observed it could easily turn to be a trap. All those “likes” and stuff can lead you to think how awesome your photos are. And if you get less  “likes” you think why….. Is the photo boring for them? Not awesome enough? What did you do wrong? And so you (me) think what next photo you should post that would be more successful. That would be liked more. And so you post “awesome” photo and that photo is awarded. You are awarded verbally in the comments or by popularity stats by all these people out there. But after a while you realize that something is wrong. You realize, that you forgot one elementary thing – that photo must mean something to you at first place. Well, this is my experience. Your view might be different.

There is a great blog post about this social media attention….. How Many “Favorites” Or “Likes” Are Enough? written by by Eric Kim. I recommend to read it if you haven’t yet.


So the Nagoya Kessen-Hen soundtrack is already available for download…

*guiltily clicks the link*

The uploaders are freaking fast nowadays…didn’t actually expect it to go up this early. ^^;;

All the feels, man… They have the song (orchestra version of another earlier track, I think) from when Mika hugs Yuu close to him during Episode 11 of the second season. Feels~~

Hiroyuki Sawano is a music god!!

Real human skeleton for sale!! It was purchased from an academic supply company in the 1980s and was used in a chiropractic office up until this year.

This is a female, most likely of Indian origin. One side of the skeleton has been professionally labeled for anatomical reference.

We can ship this skeleton worldwide, wherever human bones are legal. Price is in Canadian dollars and payment plans are available. Buy it now on www.SkullStore.ca or email BuySkulls@gmail.com for additional information.

The Goddess Ostara, for a friend of mine on deviantART, Forgot to post this when I finished this last year, so my apologies. I’m happy to say this was a super fun challenge. She’s not a Goddess I’m very familiar with, despite there being a Sabbat named for her, so exploring her imagery more was really rewarding.

And since I’m posting this as her holiday approached (…ish), come on, Spring <3

Image now © :FuzzyNecromancer, art © Rachel Terwilliger.