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Der Alfsee (offizielle Bezeichnung: Hochwasserrückhaltebecken Alfhausen-Rieste) ist ein 2,2 km² großer Stausee im Norden des Landkreises Osnabrück in Niedersachsen (Deutschland).

Unmittelbar nordöstlich ist dem Alfsee im Rahmen eines kleinen Naturschutzgebiets ein Reservebecken vorgelagert, das in Nord-Süd-Richtung maximal 700 m lang und in West-Ost-Richtung bis zu 425 m breit ist.

The Alfsee is a reservoir in the north of the district of Osnabrück in the state of Lower Saxony in north Germany.

It has an area of 2.2 km².Just to the northeast, as part of as small nature reserve there is a reserve basin (Reservebecken), which is up to 700 m long from north to south and a maximum of 425 m from east to west.

Republic City Blues

Chapters 43-46 by beech27.
Based on the flash-back of Kuvira and Asami in Zaofu.

“And so I set to walking, pacing the streets of Zaofu. I knew them and they knew me. We were acquainted, but not exactly friendly. But they took me where I wanted to go, and that was fine enough. Led me to the new noodle shop, and I thought that would be a good surprise, for her. She’d never known her parents - and I understood that - but still had a taste for those green noodles. I thought them a little strange at first, but grew to enjoy the taste of the sea, the salty briny bitterness all mixed up in a starchy bite.”