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Der Alfsee (offizielle Bezeichnung: Hochwasserrückhaltebecken Alfhausen-Rieste) ist ein 2,2 km² großer Stausee im Norden des Landkreises Osnabrück in Niedersachsen (Deutschland).

Unmittelbar nordöstlich ist dem Alfsee im Rahmen eines kleinen Naturschutzgebiets ein Reservebecken vorgelagert, das in Nord-Süd-Richtung maximal 700 m lang und in West-Ost-Richtung bis zu 425 m breit ist.

The Alfsee is a reservoir in the north of the district of Osnabrück in the state of Lower Saxony in north Germany.

It has an area of 2.2 km².Just to the northeast, as part of as small nature reserve there is a reserve basin (Reservebecken), which is up to 700 m long from north to south and a maximum of 425 m from east to west.

The Journey to the West
Joe Hisaishi
The Journey to the West

Mingling the full sound of a western orchestra with snippets of the movie’s themes on traditional japanese instruments, The Journey to the West takes us out of Ashitaka’s homeland, seeking truth and the answer to his personal mystery. 

Republic City Blues

Chapters 43-46 by beech27.
Based on the flash-back of Kuvira and Asami in Zaofu.

“And so I set to walking, pacing the streets of Zaofu. I knew them and they knew me. We were acquainted, but not exactly friendly. But they took me where I wanted to go, and that was fine enough. Led me to the new noodle shop, and I thought that would be a good surprise, for her. She’d never known her parents - and I understood that - but still had a taste for those green noodles. I thought them a little strange at first, but grew to enjoy the taste of the sea, the salty briny bitterness all mixed up in a starchy bite.”

Mushishi no Theme
Masuda Toshio
Mushishi no Theme

This track, the base theme from Mushishi’s first season, has inspired the last 1,000 words of Wolf of the West - and continuing on! So I thought I’d share, even though I’ve already posted today’s song of the day. 

This OST is absolutely gorgeous in its entirety, I recommend it to everyone, and the series too! 

10 Fakten zur deutschen Einheit

Am 3. Oktober feiert die Bundesrepublik zum 27. Mal den Tag der Deutschen Einheit. Er erinnert an die deutsche Wiedervereinigung, die mit dem Fall der Mauer am 9. November 1989 begann und mit dem Beitritt der ehemaligen DDR in die BRD vollendet wurde. Aber wie steht es um das vereinte Deutschland tatsächlich? Zehn Fakten zur deutschen Einheit, die ein realistisches Bild zeichnen.

(Bild: ddp Images/Felix Pergande)

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

(Bild: AP Photo/Michael Probst)

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

(Bild: ddp Images/Omer Messinger)

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

(Bild: AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

(Bild: AP Photo/Herbert Knosowski)

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

(Bild: ddp Images)

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

(Bild: AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

(Bild: Philipp Guelland/dapd)

Source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland



“May it Be” - Enya. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. (x)

“Gollum’s Song” - Emilíana Torrini. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. (x)

“Into the West” - Annie Lennox. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. (x) 

“Song of the Lonely Mountain” - Neil Finn. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. (x)

“I See Fire” - Ed Sheeran. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. (x)

“The Last Goodbye” - Billy Boyd. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (x)

Youtube Playlist with the six songs: (x)


Hi there!  I’ve edited this post to add the Battle of the Five Armies theme :) Finally this post is complete. Hope you like it and enoy it 



APH Mauerfall (09.11.1989)

• …смертной любви - “(God, help me survive among this) mortal love”, text fragment on the “Fraternal Kiss” painting. (gotta love it, though i think it’s personally responsible for why so many people still think kissing is Russian men’s fav meeting ritual even nowadays)
Ich liebe dich - “I love you” (obviously)
Berlin zwischen West und Ost - “Berlin is between West and East”
Bonn→Berlin - a fragment of SPD’s poster calling towards unity (tho i’m not sure if it was in a brotherly way or you should all become one with Germany way) 
• and the webby thing is Berlin itself. like, it’s been 26 years and there’s still a difference.

bonus: a 8tracks playlist