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If you like fluffy romance  and the japanese folklore

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

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This is such a ovely anime and it never failed to make my heart go doki doki. The characters growth is pretty much the best part of the anime and in the manga it even get’s better. You should totally read it if you iked the anime. The manga has one of the most beatiful end I’ve seen and the art is awesome as well

I love the romace in this.


Clumsy, below average intellect, and shy – these are some of the traits that Inari Fushimi possesses. Despite her shortcomings, she is very considerate of others. She can’t ignore anyone’s plea for help! She also has a long time crush on Kouji Tanbabashi, who she admires for being cheerful and always hardworking. The problem is, Inari’s incurable shyness makes it difficult to express her feelings for Kouji.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

starts with Inari taking a shortcut to her school. She happens to see a fox pup that’s about to fall in the river. Although she’s running late, she just can’t ignore the pup. Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami, the god of the Inari Shrine, is thankful for Inari’s kindness toward the young fox, who turns out to be a familiar named Kon. To show her gratitude to Inari, she fulfills one of Inari’s wishes, but the fulfillment of the wish only invites trouble. To compensate, Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami bestows Inari a small part of her divine power that gives Inari the ability to transform into anyone at will.

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Whatch this anime if you’re searching for:

  • Fluffy setting followed by some drama
  • Lovely characters
  • GREAT character devopment
  • Watch it for the japanese foklore elements, I’m sure everybody loves it
  • some lovey osts and inserted songs
  • some really lol moments that will make you laugh so hard


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This was such a lovely ride. The bromance those two has is one of the best I’veseen in anime. Such an heartwarming anime


Gintarou is a fox spirit that has been protecting the small Inari temple since the Edo era. Saeki Makoto’s family possesses the power to see the gods’ agent, but the ability is limited to one living relative at a time. When Makoto’s mother passed away while she was still young, Makoto inherited the ability as the sole remaining family member. With the help of fox spirit’s power, Makoto and Gintarou help the people of their community, in spite of their many differences.

Whatch this anime if you’re searching for:

A beautiful bond between deity/fox spirit and human. 

  • Lovely comedy
  • fluffy animation
  • some cute hinted romance
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10 (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Okay, since our crappy internet connection isn’t cooperating (and I can’t make any gifsets) with me again, I’m just gonna dump all my fangirling feels here. I need a fucking outlet for all the feels this episode had given me. I’M NOT SORRY

Brace yourselves, because this is going to be one long-ass post full of my nonsensical nonsense.

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30 Day Otaku Fashion and Beauty Challenge (∗ ❛ั ᵕ ❛ั )

I don’t think anyone’s done one of these yet, so I thought I’d make one! I’ll be doing it myself—probably just one per week or something. If you decide to fill it out, please tag or @mention me because I’d love to read it!! Feel free to use any otaku material in your answers: anime, manga, otome games, visual novels, etc.

The 30 Day Challenge

  • DAY 1: a character whose wardrobe you’d like to steal
  • DAY 2: favorite haircut or hairstyle
  • DAY 3: the series that has most heavily influenced your personal style
  • DAY 4: the character whose personal style is most similar to yours
  • DAY 5: favorite school uniform
  • DAY 6: a fictional fashion or beauty item that you wish existed in real life
  • DAY 7: least favorite outfit and why
  • DAY 8: favorite OP/ED/OST/insert song to listen to while getting ready
  • DAY 9: most kawaii accessory
  • DAY 10: favorite cross-dressing scene or gender bender series
  • DAY 11: otaku merch you’re dying to get your hands on
  • DAY 12: favorite magical girl outfit
  • DAY 13: a series (with a setting unlike our present world) that you wish you were a part of so that you could wear their clothes
  • DAY 14: favorite shoes
  • DAY 15: most stylish child character
  • DAY 16: favorite primp scene
  • DAY 17: an outfit that would have serious wardrobe malfunctions in real life
  • DAY 18: favorite makeover
  • DAY 19: a beauty lesson you learned from anime or manga
  • DAY 20: favorite military or military-inspired uniform
  • DAY 21: a character who needs serious fashion help
  • DAY 22: favorite vain/narcissistic/image-conscious character
  • DAY 23: What do you think your all-time favorite character’s beauty/self-care regimen consists of?
  • DAY 24: favorite outfit worn by a character of the opposite sex
  • DAY 25: something you learned (or realized) from anime or manga about fashion
  • DAY 26: favorite pajamas
  • DAY 27: a character whose personal style you admire even though it’s very different from your own
  • DAY 28: an outfit you would wear so that senpai will notice you
  • DAY 29: the series with the best outfits overall