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Underverse 0.1 OST - Recomposed

Jael asked me recently to reimagine the OST for the first 2 episodes of Underverse, and here is the result! I hope you enjoy it! I really enjoyed working on this.

PS: Into a Clear Void isn’t totally inpired by CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card. At all.

NieR Automata Piano Collections Preview
Keiichi Okabe, MONACA, Various Artist
NieR Automata Piano Collections Preview

NieR Automata Official Piano Collections Music Preview

Release Date: April 25th


  1. Piano: Weight of the World (Arranged by Dai Sakakibara)
  2. Piano: Amusement Park (Arranged by marasy)
  3. Piano: A Beautiful Song (Arranged by Keigo Hoashi)
  4. Piano: City Ruins (Arranged by akisai)
  5. Piano: Dependent Weakling (Arranged by Mariko Taguchi)
  6. Piano: Peaceful Sleep (Arranged by Yasumasa Kumagai)
  7. Piano: Copied City (Arranged by Yabuki Taku)
  8. Piano: Voice of no Return (Arranged by akisai)
  9. Piano: Bipolar Nightmare (Arranged by Ryota Kikuchi)
  10. Piano: The Tower (Arranged by Yasumasa Kumagai)
  11. Piano: The Sound of the End (Arranged by Duke of Pianeet)
  12. Piano: Vague Hope (Arranged by Keigo Hoashi)