ossian everett mills

“I assure you that we men, all of us, need, perhaps more than we think, to withdraw from the active, noisy, materialistic rush of the world, not to mention the sensuous, intoxicating, social pleasures of life that minister only to the flesh, and in peaceful quiet meditate upon and consider together some of the deep things of life, listen to the voice of the Eternal and be taught by the infinite spirit of truth.” -Ossian Everett Mills
Founders Day Dance

Tomorrow is Phi Mu Alpha’s Founders Day Dance. Due to so many events that our chapter are contributing to this semester, we have decided to have it early. It is gonna be a great night. A night filled with ideal men, great Sinfonian music, and partying hard. As we like to say “Work Hard, Play Hard.” Saturday will be the celebration that brought together great men, who have and still want to promote great messages across our great country. 

“One of the most beautiful spectacles is to see men mutually interested in each other, so much so, that like ‘David and Jonathan’ they are ready to sacrifice, even to the laying down of their lives, for their brothers…” (Sinfonia-Yesterday, 1910) - Ossian Everett Mills 

Anthony -Shantz the Hobo- Pikkaraine