hecandigelvis said // Sam 7 (:
anonymous said // if you’re not too swamped with requests, could you please do Sam Winchester and use #7? You don’t have to! I love your art btw :D
trustingsam said // Ohohohoh may i ask for sam + 7?
maidenpereira said // Sam Winchester,Dean Winchester,Castiel, colors 7 … hi would you do me the three, because his work is beautiful, would love to have on my wall in my apartment. thank you

send me a character and a number and i will draw it

See this? This is not sexy, this is not hot. This is terrifying. Dean looks like an animal getting ready for the kill. But you can see in his eyes that he’s trying to fight the feeling; he is so, so afraid. And if you look closely enough, you can pinpoint the exact moment where he welcomes them in. This is the transformation. Dean is no longer Dean, but Cain.