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Mini Osric affection rant

Yeah we mock him for being smug and stuff but he’s super lovely. He’s really funny and patient though he’s a terrible texter and he is blunt but a seriously good person. Someone you need around to ground you. And very very generous. He is very encouraging and supportive, even when I am being annoying he takes the time to go the extra mile.
I have a lot of appreciation for him.

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How did you and osric becomes friends?

So we met at Asylum 10 (I went to meet him because back then I was crushing on him a lot) and hung out there and talked a lot about acting (he’s a fountain of knowledge our Os) and then I was sending his wonderful fabulous beautiful all round amazing roommate Carolyn (octoswan) some chocolate and keyrings and stuff and I sent him some sweets and attached a letter and he messaged me on facebook in response to said letter and we got talking BUT at the same time I was lucky enough to start talking to Caro (did I mention she is awesome) and she was nice enough to invite me over in LA and Os was there and we hung out and shopped and then the week after I stopped at their house and we went to Santa Monica pier and he bought us dinner and then we all hung out and we were fantastic in general and had some funny pictures and yeah that is the story. Hopefully if I can extend my trip we are all gonna hang out in September too in Canada, depending on filming dates :) I MISS CARO AND JOE AND CASEY AND WINTER AND OSRIC AND CASS A LOT OKAY