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Osric Chau Casplay at the Mall

So Cas, Winter and I were out and about at the mall, and after we did a GISHWHES thing, we decided to make use of Osric dressed as Castiel. This is the final product, enjoy!

Mini Osric affection rant

Yeah we mock him for being smug and stuff but he’s super lovely. He’s really funny and patient though he’s a terrible texter and he is blunt but a seriously good person. Someone you need around to ground you. And very very generous. He is very encouraging and supportive, even when I am being annoying he takes the time to go the extra mile.
I have a lot of appreciation for him.

Osric says he’s really happy he could cheer some of y'all up, if even a little bit. He’s really touched by your guys’ reactions (which I’ve been texting to him). He might not be privy to fandom activities, but he wants you guys to enjoy the show, and he’s excited to meet some of you at Chicon!

anonymous asked:

Can I ask, is Osric still catching up to SPN or did he give up? I don't see him live tweeting anymore

UGH I tried to get him to watch more, but that boy’s attention span is so damn short! (also he is addicted to League of Legends, which takes up 95% of his free time)

Next time he is home I will sit him down and make him finish season 1, because it’s just embarrassing at this point, haha.