UFC Tonight news and notes

-OSP vs Glover Teix headlines in Tennessee in August.

-Jacare tore his meniscus and just had surgery for it.

-The UFC is trying to put together Marion Reneau vs Holly Holm in San Diego in July. My bet is it winds up in Tennessee or Chicago.

-Jeff Blatnik and the Frank Trigg vs Matt Hughes fight are inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

-Chael Sonnen’s manager thinks he’ll fight again.

Densi 6x23 Post Ep

Missing Scene drabble between Densi getting T-boned and them arriving back at OSP. Mostly cause I needed some fluffy Densi. Tumblr Exclusive (not going to be posted on ff.net at this stage).

The cab ride back to the Office of Special Projects was mostly silent. Kensi was pissed about her car that was currently being towed to the repair shop and both their minds still focused on the case which they couldn’t talk about with eavesdropping ears in the front seat. The taxi pulled up and Deeks tipped the driver as Kensi climbed out of the car and began the walk to OSP, making Deeks jog to catch up with her. 

“Hey, hold up a sec.” He caught her elbow, making her stop in her tracks and face him. “You sure you’re okay?” 

“Yeah. Little bruised, a bit of hearing loss. I’m good.” She joked.

“Kens.” His other hand reached out so he was holding both her arms. 

“I promise. I’m okay. Are you okay?” She asked.

“I will be in a moment.” And then he leaned down and kissed her soundly. Her hands came up to fist in his shirt while his fingers migrated from her arms, dancing down her waist, before settling in the back pockets of her jeans. He pulled back and leaned his forehead against hers. “Sorry, I know we’re on the clock but I just…”

“The law says we get 2 fifteen minute breaks a day.” She smiled up at him suggestively, rising up to press another passionate kiss to his lips. 

“So we do.” He grinned. He was leaning down for yet another kiss when she flattened her palms against his chest, holding him back.

“But, I suggest we use the last few minutes to get back to OSP before Hetty sends out a search party, or worse, has Nell scan security footage.” She began walking again.

Deeks groaned and quickly moved to fall in step with his partner.

“Fine. But since we’re still technically on our break…” He stepped closer to her again, wrapping his arm around her back, resting his hand back over her ass through her jeans. 

Kensi sighed, trying to seem put out by his overt public display of affection as they walked but she couldn’t quite hide her grin. A few feet later she gave in, wrapping her arm around her boyfriend and leaning further into his side, but not before grabbing his hand and moving it to settle in the slightly more appropriate location of her hip. 

They were just outside the OSP doors when he stopped her one last time. 

“You sure you’re good?”

This time she wasn’t faking her exasperation. 

“Yes. But if it’ll make you feel better, you can give me a massage when we get home.” She dropped her arm from around him and stepped out of his embrace.

She winked at him before pushing the door open, rubbing at her neck for emphasis. His hand came up to her shoulder in a gentle squeeze before dropping again as they both got back to work. 

anonymous asked:

Since you started posting another multi-chapter fic, does that mean OSP and Expectations are finished? If not, I hope work on them goes well :)

Hi thanks for stopping in and the kind question, Anon. I’d be the first to acknowledge my horrible track record of updating so I really appreciate your patience and kind comments.

I thought long and hard about whether I should try another multi-chapter within the frame of the summer ficathon, was apprehensive about whether it’d be the right choice for me. But writing fanfiction is, at least to me, also about challenging myself and improving myself and my work ethic. I scare easily and it makes me freeze in extended phases of writer’s block, but I hope that working within a deadline and a circle of like-minded writers attempting the same goal, I can push myself forward in a more timely fashion. I know this wasn’t exactly your question but I felt it helps to explain why I’m adding yet another thing to my plate. And I feel like if I don’t try, if I don’t push myself harder sometimes, I’ll never get better at it.

That being said, I am simultaneously working on OSP at this point. I’ve found that it helps to not solely focus on one single story at a time, because if you’re blocked over here, it often works to go over there instead. So my current summer focus is “OSP” and “595 Broome St”; only I won’t be posting OSP again until all chapters are pre-written. But potentially, I will post it at some point this summer.

Once OSP is done, I will tackle the rest of “Expectations” next (and the next, as of yet secret, AU story I have mapped. :))

I’m truly thankful to all of you who bravely continue to travel these journeys with me. :)

ネットワーク 2000年、インターネット標準の1つであるケルベロス認証プロトコルの独自拡張が Windows 2000 に実装された。このため、ケルベロスを使って Windows 2000 Server にアクセスしようとした場合、マイクロソフト製品以外はアクセスできない事態が発生した[16]。拡張部分の仕様は秘密保持契約 (NDA) に合意しないと開示されず、サードパーティ(特にオープンソース)の実装を不可能にしていた。NDA契約を結ばずにこの新機能を実装できるようにするため、スラッシュドットにNDAを無視して文書が投稿され、NDA契約を結ばずに仕様にアクセスできるようになった。マイクロソフトはスラッシュドットに文書の削除を依頼した[17]。Windows 2000 ではバイナリ形式で導入したケルベロスの「拡張」だが、後に RFC 3244RFC 4757 に記載され、さらにマイクロソフトの Open Specification Promise (OSP) に含まれることになった。OSPは「マイクロソフトが所有または管理する特許がないと実装できない」技術の一覧を含む文書で、それらの自由な実装をマイクロソフトが無条件で許諾することを約束したものである。同様なマイクロソフトの知的資産としては Kerberos Network Authentication Service v5 (RFC 1510RFC 1964)がある[18]
Kolcheck, A., II
  • Deeks. Sums up things in case you missed the last few seconds before the commercial.
  • Deeks. Don’t bet money. Not right now.
  • Eric makes a joke. Granger makes an awkward [moment].
  • Guess again, Arkady. It’s not just one idiot. It’s two. And it’s your favorite idiots!
  • HAHAHA! “Bug infestation.” “I had to buy new clothes.” Main, how serious does OSP get?
  • AHB: Always have bazooka. #ArkadySchool
  • “She’s having a bad month.” I’m sort of dying from that.
  • “Always nice to spend time with comrades.” *flashes Arkady smile* Loved that scene. So much fun.
  • Eric’s saying “Booty Call.” I might have scared my cat laughing.
  • There’s Hetty! Talking about people with no regard life. Did I just type that?
  • Arkady’s in the coffin. Callen’s on coin duty. Deeks is Eric’s sugar daddy. That’s what I heard.
  • Chase sneak peek. Get ‘em, Deeks! 
Takže mapu nebo poslepu?

Víte, co je děsivé? Když nevíte, co s vámi bude. A víte, co je taky děsivé? Když víte, co s vámi bude. 

Po písemných maturitách, které pro mě skončily ve čtvrtek, a které jsem snad složila všechny úspěšně (i když teď dějepis spíš úspěšně složil mě), mě čeká týden svaťáku a pak ústní. Jenže… co pak? 

Dostala jsem se přesně do toho momentu, kdy znám své výsledky přijímaček, ale nevím, jestli budou stačit, abych se dostala na vysokou. TSP proběhly víc, než úspěšně (91,66) a k tomu, abych se dostala na francouzštinu potřebuju ještě složit testy z frániny (v čemž po svých studiích ve francouzštině nevidím moc problém, i když pravda, gramatiku jsem viděla naposledy před asi 3 lety ehm). Jenže to je jen polovina mé přihlášky. Druhá polovina jsou mediální studia a žurnalistika. Na to potřebuju scia ze ZSV a OSP, tam mám v přepočtu pro FSS percentil asi 156. A nevím, jestli to bude stačit. Ten stejný percentil jde na Mezinárodní vztahy a Politologii. Tam mám reálnou obavu, že to stačit nebude. Oujé, život. Zrovna to bych docela chtěla. Takže nevím, co se mnou bude. A do 29. května to vědět nebudu. 

To není tak dlouho, říkáte si. Navíc s maturitou na krku, dobře. Jenže… mě to prostě pořád hlodá v hlavě. Co když to nezvládnu, pokazí se mi tím celé prázdniny. Jenže tady není, co zvládnout. Protože teď už to neovlivním. A to je další věc, která mě štve. Nemám to teď už pod kontrolou. Už nezáleží, co udělám, nerozhoduji o tom. 

Na druhou stranu mít před sebou naplánovanou budoucnost je stejně tak děsivé. Vědět, že jakmile skončí váš čas na střední, půjdete na medinu a pak máte místo o otce/matky/strýce/tety na klinice. Nebo že vás vaše vysoká vyplivne přímo do náruče firmy, se kterou má smlouvu. Že je vaše životní dráha přesně stanovená. 

Tak co je horší, vědět všechno nebo nevědět nic? Všechno je to stejně děsivé. Jenomže to je, sakra, život. Život je děsivý. Ať už je dlouhý, krátký, naplánovaný, nebo nepředvídatelný. 

Musím si nějak vtlouct do hlavy, že všechny plány se dají změnit, a že budoucnost nemusím kontrolovat. Že prostě můžu nechat život plynout. Ono to nějak dopadne. Všechno to nějak dopadne. 

De ce popa nu-mi dă bon fiscal?

De ce popa nu-mi dă bon fiscal?

Nu mie personal, că n-are popa mutră să mă vadă pe mine la față sau la buzunar. Dar în general, de ce popa nu trebuie să de bon fiscal că-i pătești pomelnic, liturghie, nuntă, botez, înmormântare? Dacă ospătarul trebuie să dea bon fiscal pentru bacșiș, de ce popa nu dă bon fiscal pentru banii din cutia milei?

De ce el să nu plătească taxe și impozite? De ce lui i se dă pământ, casă, biserică…

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