merauders asked:

14-19 ;)

lazy ass ho smh but ilu

14. 5 facts about your favourite movie

idk dont have one oopsposp osps osp osps ops

15. five facts about your favourite book

idk i dont have one oosopps lololo l l o  l

16. five facts about ur fav band

- they’re idiots
- they’re my idiots
- they’re kickass
- punk pop shits
- they’re my life  ma na

17. five facts about ur fav celeb

- my husband 
- so insanely talented
- envious of his perfection
- practically born in the 60s
- practically an idiot

18. five facts about the city/town u live in

- its part of an island
- there are no cars allowed here (only golf carts)
- expensive af
- filled with straight white douches 
- can go on a hike in the mountains anytime

19. five facts about me rn

- eatin some sashimi
- wearing my pajamas 
- tryna make a gifset but doin crap
- listenin to king by years & years
- i’m feelin hot bc its like 100% HUMIDITY OH M Y y

five facts thing

Open to all

Loki sat, resting his hands on his head. His fingers fiddled with his onyx hair as he listened to the other person talk. He was incredibly bored and frustrated, as he hadn’t come to this person to listen to them talk about their own mundane problems, but to talk about some of his own. He had something to tell the other person, but they just wouldn’t shut up. He tried to sit patiently, waiting for a break in the other’s speech, but the rambling continued. Finally, he had enough.
“I didn’t come here to talk about you!” Loki snapped, his mouth forming the grim scowl that so often occupied his face lately.