NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7 Full Episode!

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The series follows the exploits of the Los Angeles–based Office of Special Projects (OSP), an elite division of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service that specializes in undercover assignments.

List Of Episode Season 7:
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 1 : Active Measures
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 2 : Citadel
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 3 : Driving Miss Diaz
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 4 : Command & Control
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 5 : Blame It on Rio
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 6 : Unspoken
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 7 : An Unlocked Mind
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 8 : The Long Goodbye
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 9 : Defectors
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 10 : Internal Affairs
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 11 : Cancel Christmas
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 12 : Core Values
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 13 : Angels & Daemons
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 14 : Come Back
NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 15 : Matryoshka

After Video Shows Raging Cop Run Over and Kick a Compliant Biker, He’s Promoted to Captain

Last week, a Eugene man was awarded $180,000 by a jury after being run over and attacked by an Oregon State Police officer.

The dashcam video from the attack was also released along with the ruling. In the video, Capt. Rob Edwards, with the OSP, is seen chasing down Justin Wilkens, running his bike over, and then kicking the man so hard that he broke his collarbone.

As the dashcam video begins, Edwards, who is driving an unmarked Chevrolet Camaro, is passed by Wilkens. Wilkens was seen passing cars in a no-passing zone, which was a poor decision. However, an even poorer decision was for Edwards to do the same thing in his vehicle that is several times wider than a motorcycle.

Once Wilkens realized he was being followed, he pulled off, at which point Edwards rammed his vehicle into the motorcyclist. Edwards then exits the vehicle with his gun drawn and front kicks the entirely peaceful and compliant Wilkens in the chest so hard that it broke his clavicle and fractured his ribs.

According to the Register-Guard, Wilkens, 41, denies trying to escape from the veteran state trooper. He claims he didn’t recognize Edwards’ unmarked Chevrolet Camaro as a police vehicle and did not realize he was being followed until moments before he pulled the motorcycle to the side of the road and stopped.

Before being run down by the crazed cop, Wilkens testified that he thought he was about to get a well-deserved speeding ticket. Instead, he got a hospital visit, a damaged motorcycle, towing fees, and medical bills.

In a laughable testimony, Edwards admitted that Wilkens was complying with his commands prior to unleashing the kick, but that he couldn’t stop his kick as he “already had the muscles fired” in his right leg.

As if claiming his leg has a mind of his own wasn’t bad enough, Edwards then attempted to tell the jury that the same thing happened to his brakes, which is why he ran over Wilkens. In spite of the video clearly showing no attempt to brake prior to his car ramming Wilkens, Edwards claimed that he “accidentally bumped” the motorcycle as a result of “brake fade” — a term to describe overheated brakes on older model vehicles.

Had Edwards actually experienced “brake fade,” Wilkens could be dead.

After the verdict last week, State Police released a statement that said the agency “is disappointed with the (trial) outcome and feels the actions of our troopers clearly did not violate established procedures or tactics. In situations like these, officers have milliseconds to make what may be life-or-death decisions and those officers should be shielded from the liability of civil damages.”

Edwards was never suspended for this incident, and only received a written reprimand for failing to report his use of force. In true blue privilege fashion, Edwards, who was a lieutenant at the time of this stop, has since been promoted to Captain and now he sits at the head of the entire OSP at their headquarters in Bend.


Have you seen it? That’s crazy! One more brutal action against a peaceful unarmed man was justified. What’s going on here? People who made Edwards a captain must be retarded! This video shows very clearly that actions of Rob Edwards were stupid, violent and excessive. Such manner of policing (?) is inadmissible and such cop is inadmissible! Edwards was promoted but he should have been suspended! Until such scumbags as Edwards beat people while on duty without punishment and get the promotion we will never live in a free country.

“The UFC Is Tonight And I’m Lost!” 10 things to remember during the UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs Hendricks


February 6th, 2016

Yes yes yes friends, the UFC is in fact tonight. What was once an okay PPV turned doo doo PPV turned REALLY cool free card will be coming to us live from beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s not a super card by any stretch but it’s a dandy fight night with some good fights at 125, 170 and 265 lbs.  The headliner is Johny Hendricks vs Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in one of those pseudo #1 contender but not really fights. Actually I’m going to assume the UFC will wind up adding a weight class (165 lbs to help facilitate a new 175 lb class?) to the point where you could see guys like Hendricks and Thompson jumping around to get fights. Beyond that though you’ve got a not so great HW tilt between Jared Rosholt and Roy Nelson that makes a ton of sense on paper and a bunch of other fights. The main card could see the birth of a new 125 lb contender in Zach Makovsky if he upsets Joe Benavidez and two really good 205 lb prospects get some work when Misha Cirkunov welcomes Alex Nicholson to the UFC. There’s some veterans looking to keep their jobs, new guys looking to fight straight edge superstars and a couple of HWs looking to get on the right track. In case you didn’t know any of that, here’s the “UFC is Tonight and I’m Lost!” for Fight Night: Thompson vs Hendricks.

1- Remembering Johny Hendricks of old.

Remember when Johny Hendricks was the guy people believed the UFC was going out of its way to screw over? When we all cheered for him vs GSP? When he put on that fight of the year candidate vs Robbie Lawler in March of 2014? It’s been a rough go of it since then for Hendricks who has lost just once in the cage and yet it feels like he’s lost so much more. Hendricks lost a tough fight vs Robbie Lawler when he shut down after the third round and spent the final two rounds following Lawler around and aimlessly chasing takedowns. Hendricks rebounded from that by beating Matt Brown in a not too impressive fight where he chased takedowns aimlessly. While guys like Robbie Lawler, Carlos Condit, Rory MacDonald, Dong Hyun Kim, Benson Henderon, Demian Maia, Neil Magny, Albert Tumenov and Lorenz Larkin (a lot of bad dudes at 170 lbs, man) were fucking shit up and putting on amazing performances, Hendricks seemed to be reverting back to his old ways. Then he whiffed on a fight vs Tyrone Woodley due to a bad weight cut allegedly caused by overloading venison into his diet. That said it only takes one win (or loss) to win back the skeptics and a fight vs Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson seems like a fine way to get back in the good graces of folks. It’s easy to forget that Hendricks, when he wants to be, is a fun striker to watch and when he mixes it all together, he really can encompass “the spirit of mixed martial arts” with his tremendous wrestling, sub defense and striking. At the same time, he could come out to wrassle, as it were, and piss everybody off again. 170 lbs is the division where title shots are given out, retracted, returned, reversed and vacated at will. Hendricks could CERTAINLY weasel his way back into the picture with a fantastic performance.

2. Ready for the step up?

Stephen Thompson is no longer a prospect but he’s also in that weird ground of being kind of unproven at the elite level but clearly proven enough to be credible. Is he a title contender? Tonight will answer a lot of questions for better or for worse given the quality of opponent and the level of the occasion. Thompson is a fantastic striker and each fight he shows something a little better. The reality though is that his 170 lb run has been filled with mostly okay guys but NOBODY on the level of Johny Hendricks. In truth, his best win is Patrick Cote who in hindsight is a tremendous scalp but reality still dictates that he’s probably more of a veteran on a hot streak likely to burst than a solid bonafide top 10 guy. Whatever the case may be, Thompson has the skills to be a contender. Even in his loss to  Matt Brown, there were enough moments where he gave Brown trouble that I truly DO believe he can be a contender. Is he a contender now? I suppose that’s why we got five rounds am I right?!

3. The co-main event that can only go one of two ways

The heavyweight division is actually in truth riding a teensy bit of a hot streak. Sort of. Dating back to December, only one HW fight has ended with a decision compared to five HW fights ending with  a stoppage. Four of those also came in the second round if you’re looking for that proverbial sweet spot. This fight is either going to go one of two ways. Either Rosholt absolutely positively wrestles Nelson for three rounds (Roy is good at getting up from takedowns, not good at preventing them) and us yelling angrily OR Nelson will KO Rosholt in the first round and we’ll all celebrate triumphantly. JOKES ASIDE, this is truly must win for both guys. For Rosholt, his best win ever is a snoozer over Stefan Struve. That’s not awful but it’s not great either and it surely didn’t leave people clamoring for a main card spot. For Nelson, he’s 1-5 in his last six fights and his win is over the retired Big Nog. He’s super duper tough but taken a lot of abuse and might be ripe for the picking. One way or another, the UFC HW division gets a little more clear after this fight.

4. TWO big flyweight fights.

I know the flyweight division is what a scouting pal of mine would call “the ice cream market”. The idea is that everybody has their favorite flavors of ice cream so while everyybody loves ice cream (in this case, everybody loves fighting), not everybody loves chocolate or rocky road or strawberry or whatever. The flyweights may not be everybody’s flavor of ice cream but they’re mine so we’re going to discuss it, dammit! The main card has Joe Benavidez vs Zach Makovsky and that’s a fine affair of fistic fury. Makovsky has had an up and down UFC run predicated on his wrestling mainly but he gave John Dodson fits with his striking. Joe Benavidez on the other hand? Well he’s stuck in no man’s land still. He’s clearly good enough to beat a lot of guys at 125 lbs (all of them maybe?) but he’s had two shots vs Mighty Mouse and missed TWICE. Perhaps now Benavidez is still in that ONE win away category even now. Moving beyond that though? What about that tremendous clash on the prelims between Justin Scoggins and Ray Borg? Borg’s one of the best fighters under 25 years old in the UFC and Scoggins may not be that far behind. Both guys have losses to Dustin Ortiz but both have rebounded pretty well since then. Winner gets into the top 10 eh?

5. The “face” of the 205 lb division?

The 205 lb division has a lot of age at the top—but it bears mentioning that the best fighter under 30 years old is Jon Jones who could honestly wind up at HW before the end of 2016. So tonight’s battle between Alex Nicholson and Misha Cirkonuv is a pretty important fight between two unproven 205ers under 30 years old. The Latvian Cirkunov has made his way up the ranks and put on some great performances against some “names” and he was aces in his UFC debut in August. His opponent Alex Nicholson is a rare under 30 year old American 205er who from the limited fight footage I’ve seen might have a bit of stank to his game in a good way. With Jones, Cormier, Gustafsson and Rumble likely to finish off their four corners match in 2016, I think it bears mentioning that these two guys can take a big step up.

6. The Lookin’ For A Fight CM Punk Double Shot Experiment

A guy who is 1-0 is fighting a photographer who is 0-0 and the winner is going to fight a 0-0 WWE star. Yet somehow this is okay. Oivey. MMA you crazy sometimes. In truth, Mickey Gall is a guy who would probably be in the UFC 5-10 years from now. He’s a Jim Miller trained protege who would probably have worked his way up the East Coast scene eventually. I don’t think he’s some superstar or anything but he’s not the joke some people seem to think he’ll be. At the same time, Mike Jackson is a MMA veteran in that he’s a photographer and interviewer for the Texas fight scene. The winner is fighting CM Punk in one of those “well sure whatever I mean sure dude” type issues. Who knows what’s going on anymore.

7- A debuting HW

If you’re like me, you probably best remember Damian Grabowski from being a really boring HW in Bellator. If you can shake those bad vibes loose, you’ll see that Grabowski has been 5-1 since getting out of Bellator with 4 of those wins coming by finish. I wont pretend to be an expert on Grabowski but I think we’ve seen enough of Derrick Lewis to know what he is. “The Bama Beast” is a scary dude if he can get on top of you or if he can hit you before you hit him. On the ground though he’s sketchy off his back and his chin should be called into question given the number of times guys like Mitrione and Jordan wobbled him. This is a good test for Grabowski; a guy who has some flaws who match up with his strengths but some strengths that can match up with his flaws. This is another “really fun or totally awful” type fights.

8- End of the road for three veterans?

We’ve got three fighters coming off losses who are in need of something special to get their career sorted out. In the case of KJ Noons, the Strikeforce case of “What If?” has moved up to 170 lbs and had some success here or there. The last time we saw Noons, he was getting subbed out by the super underrated Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira. He’ll draw fellow veteran Josh Burkman who has gone 0-1-1 in the UFC with a loss to Dong Hyun Kim and a so-so performance in a no contest to Hector Lombard. Burkman was a big signing (sort of) from the UFC out of World Series Of Fighting after he had a rejuvenation period. Burkman is likely fighting for his career here. Lastly we’ve got Mike Pyle who has been written off so many times that it’s not even worth counting anymore. Mike Pyle’s career is now winding down and he’s coming into this fight on a 2 fight losing streak and 1-3 overall. Pyle has had his moments but more often than not, it’s just been a tough hill since he went on 8-2 with a four fight win streak mixed in there. He’s got the forever underrated Sean Spencer in there and I feel like Spencer is going to take the dub here.

9-The OSP train will either fully fall apart or pick up steam.

Maybe OSP is just a guy whose bound to be a case of “what could have been”. That’s always a possibility. At the same time, I feel like OSP is more than capable of proving us all wrong. He’s got some reputable wins at 205 like Pat Cummins, Nikita Krylov and Gian Villante. At the same time, can Fejaio Cavalcante resurrect his career? A lot on the line here.


The UFC has promised a big announcement. Will it be a big announcement? Or will it be shitty?

OSP hurts his foot in the first 90 seconds of the round and Feijao spends the rest of the round riding his bike and throwing the odd leg kick. Then he gets hurt to close the first round.

Well, at least he found a way to pace himself I guess.

atamajakki asked:

You see the video of the Oregon militia dude getting shot yet? Curious about your thoughts if so.

they lied so fucking blatantly and with such surreal audacity

it’s hilarious

either way kudos to FBI/HRT and OSP for doing their jobs and doing them damn well. as for the ranchers– play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Subhan'Allah, Alhumdullillah, man. Tonight’s OSP charity dinner was something else. We raised 15K MAN!!! 15k. In one night. Alhumdullillah. I met Mohamed Zeyara, fam!! Omar Albach, took him a while, but he remembered my interview with him. Also met Asoomi jay!! She’s amazing. She also posted an Instagram picture of her and my sisters on her Instagram. How lit. So much more has happened but I’m tired so good night. But Alhumdullillah.


Oregon State Penitentiary is a maximum security prison for men, (inmate population about 2,200) located in Salem, Oregon. The original OSP was opened in 1851 and was located in Portland. Prior to the opening of the state prison, those who were found guilty of a crime were either hanged or pardoned. The original facility was poorly designed, as it spanned two city blocks and had a public street running through the middle of it. This combined with the inmate labor program led to many escapes. In 1866, the prison was moved to Salem, and was reinforced by a 14 foot wall. The prison also began outfitting inmates with a heavy metal device known as a “Gardner shackle”, later referred to as the “Oregon Boot.” (The Oregon Boot is no longer in practice due to modern security practices.) Oregon State Penitentiary is the site of executions, although the death penalty has been in moratorium since 2011. There are currently 34 inmates under penalty of death in Oregon. Notable inmates include - Bobby Beausoleil, Richard Laurence Marquette, and Randall Woodfield. (AKA the I-5 Killer.)



Blessed to be a part of the OSP team cause I get to meet Mohamed Zeyara tomorrow. Lit af. Blessed af. We’ve done so great as a team and tomorrow is the charity dinner. So excited.

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FBI releases Oregon occupier arrest video: What does it show?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Thursday released video footage of Tuesday’s shooting death of the spokesman for a group of armed men who have occupied a wildlife refuge in Oregon for nearly a month.

Five of the refuge occupiers, including militant leader Ammon Bundy, were arrested by the Oregon State Police (OSP) and the FBI on Tuesday during a traffic stop, after holing up in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Ore., since January 2, in protest of the arrest of two area ranchers.  

The newly released footage appears to show a sixth individual reaching inside a jacket, as if reaching for a gun. Robert “LaVoy” Finicum did, in fact, have a loaded gun in an inside pocket, police say.

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The FBI is using this footage to counter claims that Mr. Finicum’s subsequent death at the hands of law enforcement officers was unjustified.

Mr. Bundy and the other occupiers were en route to a community meeting in the town of John Day when the FBI was able to corner them on a country road.

The video was shot from the air, and shows two vehicles traveling down the road. Finicum, traveling behind Bundy’s vehicle in a white pickup, attempted to escape the federal law enforcement officers who stopped the occupation’s leader. He was eventually stopped after slamming into a snowbank in an attempt to evade an FBI road block.

Although the video shows Finicum with his hands up as he exits his truck, it also shows him beginning to reach into his pocket, possibly for the loaded weapon he had inside.

FBI special agent Greg Bretzing said, “On at least two occasions, Finicum appears to reach his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket.”

Mr. Bretzing told reporters that, "The FBI and OSP tried to effect these arrests peacefully,” but Finicum’s actions forced their hands. The video shows Finicum falling into the snow. Finicum was carrying a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun in his pocket.

The video then shows the arrests of Ryan Bundy, occupation leader Ammon Bundy’s brother, and Shawna Cox after Finicum fell. An unidentified woman was also in the truck, but she was not arrested.

A third occupier, Ryan Payne, left Finicum’s truck at the first traffic stop and attempted to flee. He eventually surrendered to law enforcement officials.

Law enforcement officials say that they were able to give medical aid to Finicum about ten minutes after the shooting occurred, at which point they were confident that all other threats had been addressed.

Eleven people are currently under arrest and have been charged with conspiring to impede federal officers from carrying out their duties through force or intimidation. The charges reference the wildlife refuge’s 16 employees, who have been unable to go to work due to the occupation.

Most other occupiers left the refuge after Bundys’ arrests.

The five occupiers taken into FBI custody are scheduled to appear in court today, as four other militamen remain at the refuge. "The negotiators continue to work around the clock,” according to Bretzing, “to talk to those four people in an effort to get them to come out peacefully.”

Despite pleas for their surrender, the four remaining occupiers refuse to leave without assurances that they will not be jailed. Ammon Bundy told them on Thursday, “Turn yourselves in and do not use physical force.”

This report contains material from the Associated Press.

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They did it. Those crazy sons of bitches did it.

At approximately 4:25 p.m. (PST) on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Oregon State Police (OSP) began an enforcement action to bring into custody a number of individuals associated with the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. During that arrest, there were shots fired.

One individual who was a subject of a federal probable cause arrest is deceased. We will not be releasing any information about that person pending identification by the medical examiner’s office.

One individual suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. He was arrested and is currently in custody.

The arrested individuals include:

    Ammon Edward Bundy, age 40, of Emmett, Idaho
    Ryan C. Bundy, age 43, of Bunkerville, Nevada
    Brian Cavalier, age 44, of Bunkerville, Nevada
    Shawna Cox, age 59, Kanab, Utah
    Ryan Waylen Payne, age 32, of Anaconda, Montana

These probable cause arrests occurred along Highway 395.

In a separate event in Burns, Oregon, at approximately 5:50 pm, Oregon State Police arrested the following individual:

    Joseph Donald O'Shaughnessy, age 45, Cottonwood, Arizona

All of the named defendants face a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 372.

We continue to work with Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward and his deputies; Oregon State Police; and the United States Attorney’s Office to address any further outstanding issues. As the investigation is ongoing, we cannot comment further at this time.

All defendants should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.