Deconstructing Hetty

NCIS Los Angeles Hiatus Fic Challenge #3
Words: 609
Crossover: NCISLA/Lie to Me. After the mole case is finally resolved an FBI investigation is launched and the Lightman Group is being called in to help with their expertise. Hetty is about to get a first-hand impression of it right away.

As always thanks to chrisodonline, who now had to keep me in check on two shows. Luckily for me she’s an expert for both of them.

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Mid-episode tag to Kolchek, A. (6x23) 

Special thanks to hermionesmydawg for capturing the exact moment and making it look so incredibly beautiful. 

A surprisingly sharp pang of annoyance strikes Kensi hard as Deeks’ hand drops off her shoulder at the exact moment they walk through the doors of the Mission. They’d just arrived at OSP, having been driven back from the scene of the earlier accident by a member of the OSP motor pool; her car was now most definitely out of commission.

Her annoyance isn’t directed at the suspect (though, did he really need to ram her precious SRX in an attempt to evade them?). It isn’t directed at Deeks either, who had up until that moment been gently massaging her shoulder and neck muscles, attempting to combat the inevitable tightness and ache that would most likely affect her for a few days. Whiplash can be such a bitch.

No, the annoyance is mostly aimed at herself (and if she’s honest, maybe a bit at their status as work partners first and more-than-partners second). After committing to All In, they had mutually decided to keep their relationship quiet, wanting to prove to themselves their ability to maintain their professional partnership while being “more than.”

Of course they also wanted to prove themselves to their fellow agents and co-workers. And yes, they both feared potential repercussions from Hetty and Granger. And while both would absolutely choose the other over the partnership if their hands were forced, they didn’t necessarily want to offer up that option to their bosses on a silver platter.

So as much as it pains her at times (because she has to admit that sneaking into the burn room with Deeks definitely holds a certain appeal), she had proposed the idea of physical distance, maintaining a professional front during work hours. And while Deeks might have asked her to clarify what qualified as inappropriate touching by thoroughly touching her all over, ultimately he had agreed to her plan, understanding her reason for it without even needing the explanation.

And maybe this has more to do with the dull ache that’s steadily increasing to throbbing pain (which is going to require at least a few pain pills), but she’s feeling just a bit bitter that the A-team partnership has probably shown more public affection for each other over the course of one case than she and Deeks have shown in the many months since Christmas. Do they even realize how married they are?

She’s well aware she used to touch Deeks much more than she does now, and it wasn’t even always strictly platonic or professional either (smacking his ass on occasion comes to mind rather quickly). But she’s been so careful to maintain her distance, to refrain from simply laying a hand on his arm to get his attention (nothing inappropriate there) or grabbing his face and kissing the breath out of him for no reason (definitely boundary-crossing material).

But all she desperately wants right now is for Deeks to keep massaging her muscles with his warm, comforting hands. Is it really too much to ask? Is it really all that inappropriate? They were in a damn car accident, with her on the receiving end of the worst of it. There’s real physical and tangible reasons for Deeks to touch her. And would anyone really bat an eye. Everyone apparently already knows of their relationship. So what’s the big fucking deal?

And with that last agitating thought, as she and Deeks stop to receive the latest sit-rep, Kensi reaches for Deeks hand. Giving it a quick reassuring squeeze, she lifts their joined hands to her shoulder and then lets go, leaving his hand in place. She senses him tense just a bit, shuffle his feet, but then he almost immediately begins to knead the tight muscles. And as she melts into his touch, she can’t be bothered by any curious or disapproving stares directed their way. Because the relief that sweeps over her far outweighs any of her previous concerns.

Turns out she had no need to worry; the only looks they receive are small smiles at seeing the partners in everything finally letting down their guard, if even for a just a moment.

                    Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko Watchpost

1982/83: FD

1983/84: CD (Rhumba) OSP (Paso Doble) FD (The Circuss Princess)

1984/85: CD (Yankee Polka) OSP (Quickstep) FD (Latin Medley)

1985/86: OSP (Polka) FD (Blue Danube)

1986/87: OSP (Waltz) FD (Hungarian Rhapsody)

1987/88: CD (Kilian) CD (Paso Doble) OSP (Tango) FD (Beatles Medley)

1988/89: CD (Westminster Waltz) CD (Rhumba) CD (Yankee Polka) OSP (Charleston) FD (Mack the Knife)

1989/90: OSP (Samba) FD (My Fair Lady)

1990/91: CD (Ravensburger Waltz) CD (Rhumba) OD (Blues) FD (Lawrence of Arabia)

1991/92: CD (Paso Doble) CD (Blues) CD (Argentine Tango) CD (Viennese Waltz) OD (Polka) FD (Air)

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Sam and Callen's reaction about the IA investigation on Deeks

“Why are we here?” Sam grumbled, rubbing his shoulder and wishing desperately that Nell had let him complete his run before calling to demand he and Callen come to OSP. 

“Good question.” Callen quipped at his side, handing him a paper cup of coffee from a tray. “It’s not even seven.”

“Time isn’t the problem.” Sam sipped from his coffee. “I couldn’t finish my workout.“ 

"Yeah-” Callen was cut off as Nell sprinted down the steps in front of him.

"You’re here, great. Come up.” She started back up the steps just as quickly, pausing on the landing. “We don’t have much time before Hetty gets out of the gym, c'mon." 

Glancing at his partner uneasily, Callen bounded up the steps with Sam at his heels. "Nell, what the hell is going on?" 

Pausing in front the big screen, Nell gripped the tablet in her hands tightly. "In February LAPD Internal Affairs opened an investigation. On Deeks.”

“What the hell?” Sam stepped closer, bracing himself on the center console. “Nell, that was months ago and why weren’t we told about this.”

“I was given orders not to.” Nell shrugged weakly, contradicting the strength in her tired voice. “And Deeks didn’t want to pull you into it, honestly he’s just trying to ignore it from I can tell." 

"But you’re not.” Callen commented quietly, tapping on the console. 

“No.” She shook her head. “I’ve been following this investigation for months. The more I look, the deeper I dig, the more complicated it gets. There’s something very wrong going on here." 

"Deeks?” Sam persisted, genuine worry showing his eyes as they darted over her face. 

“He wouldn’t talk about it.” Nell hesitated, drawing her bottom lip into her mouth. “Said that it was nothing." 

"But you think it is?” Callen rounded the console, coming up behind Sam. “And you want to do something." 

"I want to kick somebody’s ass.” Nell mumbled, setting her tablet down. “And I need your help." 

"You’ve got it.” Sam said gruffly, picking at his jeans. “Fill us in." 

12 Precarious Ponderings: UFC Fight Night 73- OSP vs Teixeira


August 4th, 2015

As most folks come down from their UFC 190 stupor, there’s a card on Saturday! The UFC invades Tennessee with a solid fight night offering that will look to leech a bit off of the big 189 and 190 vibes. It’s not a “big” card but consider what we went through in July and understand that August was bound to feel a bit like leftovers month. Anywho, with that said and diced up neatly,  the attention turns to a card that has a high action fight potential but also a fair deal of divisional relevance in these match ups. The headliner is a battle between solid LHWs Glover Teixeira and Ovince St. Preux in a fight the division could really use. The co-main event though is my personal headliner as two streaking lightweights try to take a step up the ladder in Michael Johnson vs Beniel Dariush. The rest of the card has some fun stuff at bantamweight (both male and female), a big flyweight fight or two and some interesting action fights at MW. So what am I pondering?

1- Why doesn’t Ovince St. Preux get much respect from fight fans? Regardless of how you feel about some of the guys in the LHW division, OSP has wins over some decent competition and his only UFC loss is to Ryan Bader. Even in his current dilapidated state, Shogun is a fairly big scalp not to mention the credible wins over Patrick Cummins and Gian Villante. Unfortunately it feels like people still think OSP is that super raw football player playing MMA and not a guy who has developed his game and is still developing as we speak. People might not want to admit this but OSP is pretty much two wins away from title talk discussion ASSUMING he beats Glover.

2- What would’ve happened if Glover Teixeira got into the UFC in 2008 and not 2012?

3- I wonder if Glover’s gameplan will involve hunting for a takedown and trying to chase a submission. Glover’s ground game is pretty underrated. His takedown defense on the other hand….

4- I really cannot express enough how much I love this Michael Johnson vs Beneil Dariush fight. Since Dariush got iced by Ramsey Nijem, he’s won four in a row including wins over Jim Miller and Daron Cruickshank. Since Michael Johnson lost to THE MAD DOG, he’s also won four straight with quality names like Gleison Tibau, Joe Lauzon and Edson Barboza. Both guys challenge the other at their weakest areas and both are streaking at the right time. Johnson’s grappling still needs to be tested where as we need to see Dariush’s striking continue to make leaps. This should be a fantastic fight.

5- Can Alvey stop the takedowns of Derek Brunson?

6- I’ve often heard (but never confirmed) that when there’s a main card tie, so to speak, it goes to the more “established” weight class. In other words, if a flyweight fight is there vs a middleweight fight, the MW fight will get the duke for the main card spot. In other words, I have no idea why Chris Camozzi vs Tom Watson is on the main card where as Willie Gates vs Dustin Ortiz is slotted on the FS2 prelims.

7- Speaking of FS2 prelims, Amanda Nunes vs Sara McMann is on there too. Weird because that’s a pretty great fight. Don’t shit on the Reebok deal, yo. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with it but I like clicks too)

8- I’ve seen Aljamain Sterling talking tons about MW newcomer Oluwale Bamgbose. He’ll be making his debut on the prelims vs mega-inconsistent Uriah Hall. That could be a scary fight.

9- I REALLY think Ray Borg is going to be a title contender at 125 lbs. At the same time, I think Geane Herrera is a really tough fight for him. Tremendous main card fight.

10- Timothy Johnson’s mustache vs Jared Rosholt’s sideburns. Money.

11- I know he’s not  much of a fighter but I’ve heard/read that Scott Holtzman is a super big deal in Nashville. Wouldn’t surprise me if he gets the biggest pop of the night and he’s just on Fight Pass.

12- I sure hope Johnathan Wilson turns out to be “a thing” because thee UFC could definitely use some help at 205 lbs.

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*slams fist on the table* i want nightmare bon cosplay *slams body on the table* i want nightmare bon c OSP LaY *gently places kittens on the table* i would very much enjoy nightmare bon cosplay

you may have your nightmare bon cosplay, just hold on hun!

KWIKN:  NCIS: LOS ANGELES “In the Line of Duty”

KWIKN:  Knowing What I Know Now.

It’s Ambassador Julie Chen and her Naval attaché.  Masked men start shooting at her – people, Big Brother is a bad show but there’s no need for violence.  Guards, both in uniform and in plain clothes, fire back.  It ends badly for a few, not Ambassador Julie Chen.

Sam should know more sailors than he does on the program.  I liked that Sam knew the Commander protecting Ambassador Julie Chen  - it was a shame it was a recovery and not a rescue.

Captain Beck working for the State Department has one squared away office.  

The 3-D camera laser scans were impressive.  That would be cool trick to add (like Kaleidoscope and Chauvenet).  The printer taking over the gym is a problem but should the OSP office have a garage or something where they could store the super printer.

Couldn’t the SEALS who brought Callen and Sam to the shore mix in with the locals to distract the terrorists at the embassy?  The local government didn’t want a large military footprint but two or three guys at the gate who could pass for locals – they’d be helpful.

Welcome to NCIS: Los Angeles season seven with their super secret location – visitors included Inspector Wallace and her staff, Mattias (who probably isn’t coming back), FBI Agent Reese and his staff, Ambassador Julie Chen and her escorts, Thapa (it was his last visit) and soon to be Agent Blaze.  

Sam commenting about Kensi and Deeks and honeymoons makes the fact that both Kensi and Deeks are stunned their coworkers know about how they’re spending their nights a bit off.

Loved the Kensi and Deeks scene outside of the federal building.  Highly competent Deeks, highly competent Kensi – lots of highly competent agenting.

The guy Kensi and Deeks killed shared a barber (or lack there of) with Dave Kalstein this season.  

Hetty’s medium blue suit is a keeper.

Kensi didn’t recognize Mighty Mouse in the “Callen, G.” episode, it is likely she’d be unfamiliar with Mr. Magoo.

Does Sam look like a Huggy?  Callen could  pass for a Butch in a pinch.  

“Don’t look at him, look at me” will always work for Sam.

Where is Daniel Hugh Kelly for the CIA role?  They need to bring him back.  

“Are you comfortable bringing the Ambassador here?”  - the guy who got poisoned earlier this season has a point.

Oh, Kensi’s lip reading skills were remembered.  Yay show!

I would like to think Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones would have picked up Commander Harris was in every photo before Ambassador Julie Chen did.

“Go for Beale” – Deeks has everyone doing it.

This episode had one big thing going for it – NCIS worked well with the FBI and the FBI worked well with NCIS.  No Agent Frisbee or Agent Ambrose nonsense.

Liked the Alpha Team/Bravo Team/Charlie Team stuff.  Loved those fence/wall climbing vehicles.   This episode leads the season in cool toys.  And they even have rope descending gloves.  So many toys!

Competent Deeks saves Captain Beck!  Yay show!

Every episode should end with the team walking in with the sun setting behind them.  Looks amazing.

And if you want joking Deeks – this is the way to go.  Highly competent throughout but making Waltons jokes at the end.

An incredibly average episode with cool toys.

Back Monday with drones!