Ifa and Capoeira

ORI - Your own personal style. (Expression)

ORUNMILA - The infinite wisdom of the game. (Intuition)

ESU - Your ability to be unpredictable and tricky. (Infinite choices)

OGUN - Your ability to cut through your opponent’s defense without hesitation. (Strength & explosion)

OSOOSI - Your ability to find your target with speed and accuracy. (Stealth, stalking, persistence)

SANGO - Your ability to lead and aggressively control the game. (Extreme confidence)

OYA - Your ability to adapt to sudden unexpected change. (Adaptive change)

OSUN - Your ability to refine and beautify the game. (Technical perfection)

YEMOJA - Your ability to nurture & develop your game. (Birth of movement)

OBATALA - The wisdom, maturity and ethics of the game. Coolness in the heat of the battle. (Creativity)

EGUN - The collective spirit of those who have come before you. The creators, custodians, teachers. (Innovators)

By Awo Fasegun