Yourba Orishas - Osoosi and Olokun

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I’ve forgotten what number we’re on in the Orishas series! We’re getting to the end now. I hope if you enjoy the art, you’ll support the artist by buying a print, and if you enjoy the series, share Black History Every Day with your friends!

Òsóòsi (also called Oshosi) is a hunter and tracker and defender of justice. He helps people to balance the spiritual world and the natural world. He uses his knowledge of the forest to create herbal remedies. He is a sorcerer who is said to have a little bit of good and a little bit of bad.

Larger image: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/olokun-james-c-lewis.html

Olokun is the androgynous Orisha of the oceans. It is said that it existed before the Earth was made habitable, when it was all covered in water. Like monsters that can hide in the depths of the ocean, Olokun governs the inner demons that can reside in the subconscious.

A story about Olokun that resembles flood myths through history is that one day, upset that humans were not paying it the respect it deserved, Olokun decided to flood the earth. He caused giant waves to rise up and rush toward the shore. The people were terrified and begged Obatala to help them.

Obatala stood between the wave and the shore. Olokun was riding the wave with a silver fan in hand. Obatala ordered Olokun to stop. Because Olokun respected Obatala, it promised to not destroy humanity. Still, it is said that when the sea is choppy, it is Olokun reminding us of its anger.





Ẹ kìlọ̀ fọ́mọ ọdẹ!
Kómọ́ rìn ní padò
Kómọ́ sesi fara b'ògìdán lójijì
Igbọràn sàn jẹbọ rírú!
Acautelem o filho de caçadores!
Que não se aventure perto do rio
para que não caísse nas garras do leopardo.
prevenir é sempre melhor que remediar.
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#corpuschristi #salvador (em Ilé Àṣẹ Òpó Afonjá)

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Salve Oxóssi, OKÊ ARÔ!!

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Dia 20 de Janeiro é “Dia de Oxóssi”, um dos orixás mais populares no Brasil, padroeiro da linha dos Caboclos,sincretizado com São Sebastião!

Oxóssi é o rei das matas e seu culto sofreu muitas variações. O símbolo do arco-e-flecha o associa ao santo católico São Sebastião, que escapou da morte a flechadas!

Hoje nossas orações são ao Pai Oxóssi, para que ele sempre nos dê as forças de um caçador para enfrentar nossas lutas diárias e nunca nos deixe faltar o pão de cada dia!

Salve São Sebastião, Salve Oxóssi, Okê Aro!

Foto: Portfólio Orádia

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Ifa and Capoeira

ORI - Your own personal style. (Expression)

ORUNMILA - The infinite wisdom of the game. (Intuition)

ESU - Your ability to be unpredictable and tricky. (Infinite choices)

OGUN - Your ability to cut through your opponent’s defense without hesitation. (Strength & explosion)

OSOOSI - Your ability to find your target with speed and accuracy. (Stealth, stalking, persistence)

SANGO - Your ability to lead and aggressively control the game. (Extreme confidence)

OYA - Your ability to adapt to sudden unexpected change. (Adaptive change)

OSUN - Your ability to refine and beautify the game. (Technical perfection)

YEMOJA - Your ability to nurture & develop your game. (Birth of movement)

OBATALA - The wisdom, maturity and ethics of the game. Coolness in the heat of the battle. (Creativity)

EGUN - The collective spirit of those who have come before you. The creators, custodians, teachers. (Innovators)

By Awo Fasegun

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