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1) Seri Sister Skit
2) Tap That Donk - K Millz
3) Toot That
4) Beat that Pussy up
5) Insta DM Me Tha Booty Skit
6) OHH She Thick - Yung trap
7) Bring it Back - Travis Porter
8) Bust it Wide Open - Lil Kee
9) Ayy Ladies - Travis Porter
10) My Neck My Back - Khia
11) Look Back At It
12) Take it Back Hoe
13) Look Back at me - Trina
14) Jump on The Dick - Trick Daddy
15) Back That Ass up - juvenile
16) She be Like - Git Fresh
17) Beat Beat Beat it - Sean Kingston
18) Dont drop that thrun thun thun - Finatticz
19) Red Nose - Sage
20) Panoramic - Sage
21) Gas Pedal - Sage
22) Eat the Booty Skit
23) Business - Jayhood
24) Arch in Your Back
25) Booty Music - Deepside
26) Ride like a Pony - Mazzaritte
27) Jiggle - Mike Smif
28) Break Your back - Mike Smif
29) i just wann Fuck
30) Ima a Freak - Young Cash
31) Burn My Shit
32) Its Time Skit
33) Bass is Gonna Blow your Mind - Uncle Al
34) Hydraulics - Uncle Al
35) Morena - DJ Laz
36) I wanna Rock - Uncle Luck
37) Tootsie Roll - 69 Boys
38) C'mon ride the Train - 69 Boys


When you’re in the O-ZONE

Saved By the Bell! The OSOCITY Back To School Throwback Jooking Mix! This Time We Go Back in Time! Growing Up In Broward and experiencing The Live culture & all it has to offer was Insane! With this Mix I share our culture to the world! The FAST MUSIC! The JOOKIN & STICKIN! and much more! One Click with take you back in time! Press Play Today!


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For Bookings

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1) Im So High - Grind Mode
2) Ecstacy - Grind Mode
3)Make It Funky For Me - Will I AM
4)Fast Car - The Dream
5)Ballgreezy - Get Like me
6)Beam Ahh - DJ Chipman
7)Wham - DJ Rhymer
8)Gone Jook
9)Drumline Riddim
10)Pull out thhe stick - Sam Sneak
11)Stick & Roll - Piccalo
12)Left Right - Piccalo
13)Ice Berg Drop
14)Stick drill remix - Ice Berg
15)Dangerous - Ice Berg
16)Lets go get em - Ice Berg
17)Hit your phist with your hand - DJ Rhymer
18)A reason to hate - Piccalo
19)Reese Head Drop
20)Dhat - Reese Head
21)St8 Like Dhat - Reese Head
22)Jook with me - Ball Greezy
23)Stick and Ride - Hation Bop
24)Wigin - Legacy
25)I Just wanna Fuck - Poppa
26)Body right - Stephen The Guy
27)So Amazingn- Ball Greezy
28)Shone - Ball Greezy
29)She Got me Remix - DJ Rhymer
30)Shone on Deck - Dunk Ryders
31)Sticken Again - Piccalo
32)Im on it - Jay R
33)Zouk - Jimmy Dade
34)Kill It - Jay R
35)Heartbroken - DJ jayhood
36)Show Me Love - DJ Jayhood
37)Street Bully walk - Dj Lil oNE
38)75 Hop
39)Beenie Wiggle
40)Yamaha - The Dream
41)All That Money - Youg Dro
42)Miss Good Pussy - Legacy
43)Lock me it -Legacy
44)Goin Thru A lot - Tpain
45)Joystick - 213
46)One leg up - DJ Chip Man
47)Ice Cream and Cake
48)Peanut Butter Jelly Time
49)Woo Get it