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Tittle: Before The Rainstorm Stop #02 (mega Devil Angel au / Religion matsu au)
Chapter: Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 Part 1 I Chapter 2 Part 2 I Chapter 3 l to be continue…
Artist: id=2130530 / @rusan23 (tumblr)
Translation: @diagonal-6010 (our translator crying when translating this, it’s delicious) 
Typesetting: Me/Kidokon-kontsu (I’m crying too) 

※Permission to translate & reprint this was given by the artist.

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Oso in Wonderland is coming to HesoWars!
Wow, I really appreciate these. Some stunning artwork and the character quirks are A+.

My favourites have to be Kara, Choro and Jyushi, so good!

In my heart of hearts I feel like in a dire situation, Karamatsu is super protective and would be the one to jump into the fray.

He’s enthralling, flowery; a dazzling spectal of over-the-top charm as far as you can consider a NEET any of those things - but I think in the thick of it…he’d be the realest one.

I think back to ep 24 and how of all people to get mad at Oso and actually lay his ass out for hurting Jyushi, it was him. He protected his younger brother from his older one because Oso was acting a full child at the time. Whether that’s the responsibility of the second oldest (who I guess in the line of ages, he has that “right”) or not, it was just so captivating to see him take his brother on and throw that swing. That’s a glimpse of Karamatsu that I don’t know if we’ll ever see again.

And I can’t help but think that if his brothers were in ever in real deep shit (even if it’s to save them from themselves), he’d be the one to get down and take the heat. He’d throw those punches or say those real intense words or give those serious glares and glances that have REAL consequences behind them.

It’s interesting to think about, but I love the idea that deep down Kara has a very serious side that he only shows when he absolutely needs to.


En este momento podría decir que dejare de dibujar para descansar mi brazo pero yo ni me la creo XD

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do u know why this is the only scene in whole oso series that Kara is genuinely mad.
He loves his brothers.
If u think about it this entire series he’s the one who loved them the most he went up mountains literally for them he wanted to know how he was hurting them he wanted them to talk to him and he loves them so when one brother hurts another he doesn’t like it and yeah and also because he’s the second brother and the oldest brother can only work it out with the second oldest u know that thing and the who birth rights jazz and stuff okay Kara is important and he is not painful he loves his brothers so much.
so pls don’t get mad at oso or Kara. Oso just doesn’t want this to change.