JARIANA MEME: Justin and Ariana are bestfriends, but when the two ending up getting a little heated a few nights ago, Justin wonders what it meant. He ends up video calling Ariana to ask what it meant to her to maybe help him figure the answer.


AU MEME: Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, boyfriend and girlfriend, have been a way from one another for a while. They video call the night before Justin is flying over to be with her so they can talk and share their excitement.

  • osnapitzari:what's that noise?
  • Cat Valentine:Oh it's Ariana's fans!
  • osnapitzari:And who are you?
  • Cat Valentine:I'm Cat Valentine! You'll meet me in about a few years after 13!
  • Ariana Grande:Hey! Sorry I'm late! I just got back from my concert at Madison Square Garden!
  • osnapitzari:I performed at Madison Square Garden??
  • Ariana Grande:And acted on Nickelodeon!
  • osnapitzari:So your saying... I made it?
  • Cat Valentine:Mmhmm!
  • osnapitzari:Wow!
  • Ariana Grande:Congratulations Ari :)

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