Mima Pejoska, the lead-designer on the Osmytza Collection, is back in Macedonia, but she’s still helping Meriken Metals bring beautiful filigree jewelry to the world. These five classic styles are available online now. And stay tuned - we’re setting to work on some new designs that we hope to release this fall. www.MerikenMetals.com


Jewelry by www.MerikenMetals.com - heading off to Exotix Studios in Toronto:

Pink “Fracture” in ¾"
“Sunrise in ¾”
Cobalt "Fracture" in ¾"

“Lunar Flare” Eyelets in 1.25"
Cyan “Royal Flare” in 1"
Cobalt “Dome” Pegs in 0ga

“Terrain” in 1.25"
“Nebula” in 1.25"
Osmytza “Fibonacci” in 1" 


Introducing Pattern #1: “Suspension” from our 2014 release of Osmytza Filigree plugs.

In this eight piece collection, Mima explored filigree as a three-dimensional form. She plays with tension, curvature, and torsioin in way that I’ve never seen in her medium.

In this pair, she bends a band of filigree into a full circle that delicately suspends in a thin network silver lines. It is free to rotate as the wearer moves, showing different angles on the ring which widens and tapers from one side to the other.

Shown set into a 1 inch tunnel, this specific piece is available to ship now. Orders for sizes between 7/8" and 2" are welcome. Please inquire by writing to:


Our portfolio is online at http://merikenmetals.blogspot.com

**Stay tuned for more releases, or contact us to preview all the patterns now**

Filigree Pattern Prototype #4 - Osmytza Bubbles

1.5" Plugs handcrafted in Sterling and Fine Silver. (be sure to check out patterns 1-3 if you haven’t seen them yet.)

The Osmytza Collection is the result of the combined powers of Meriken Metals and jewelry designer, Mima Pejoska and will be officially launched in Spring Season 2012. Follow this blog to stay updated, or Shop Online @ merikenmetals.com

**[dpresk01 thinks we need to see this on a model before it gets approval - anyone in Savannah with 1.5" lobes available to pose? Drop me a note]**

**added an image of the back of this plug, which shows the second layer of filigree - it creates a nice effect as the light move through**


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We want to Filigree the World - can you help us decide which designs to produce?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll release photos like these of filigree plug prototypes. Whichever gets the most reblogs will take priority in our springtime release of the Osmytza Collection, a collaboration between Meriken Metals and jewelry designer Mima Pejoska.

Let us know what you think. And pardon my ugly hand - I just finished polishing them up, you know how it is.