ASP’s comment that there wouldn’t be enough “conflict” in Jess and Rory being together is so baffling to me. Amy, do you even know your characters? Here is a helpful list, off the top of my head, of places where conflict AND a Literati relationship can coexist (gasp, shocker):

  • Jess being insecure that Rory is turning to him only because other things in her life aren’t going well
  • Rory being afraid Jess will leave her again
  • Being nervous and not talking and instead seeking advice in the adults in their lives (Rory consulting Lorelai? awkward and moving and a long time coming. Jess talking to Luke? are you kidding this would be amazing. Rory and Luke? better and better. Jess and Lorelai? holy shit television gold)
  • Them both having the bravery to give it another shot
  • Having to face the reasons their relationship didn’t work the first time (can you IMAGINE the quality angsty conversations??? jesus)
  • Discovering what’s the same and what’s different in their dynamic after all this time and how it might not instantly be all great or easy
  • Working through the logistics of an actual, adult relationship with someone they’ve known since they were teenagers
  • Literally anything having to do with more than a decade’s worth of fear, insecurity, lack of communication, growth, tension, and love. 

For fuck’s sake!!! I’m tired

Plot twist, the dimensional dragons are actually all female. And they’re super protective of their humans because they see them like helpless hatchlings.

It’s like ‘You have no natural armour to protect you or defense mechanisms like claws/wings/horns/a tail/breath weapons etc. You are soft and squishy and small so I must protect you because I don’t know how you’ve survived so long’

Protective dragon moms.

I finally got Overwatch! and i had a lot of fun playing with this guy >> @veykun we ended up losing a lot, but we still had fun.

it was really funny how in one round, vey is actually against my team XD i had fun blowin’ yer face up.

1 day playing the game and i am already in love with it i could not stop playing. and i can feel my art skills starting fade away…
if ya already have the game and ya wanna hit me up, my battle.tag is Glasses#11788

thanks so much fer reading this!