day 159/??? of ultimate bias; Lee Hongbin

*Hangs out with a person of the opposite gender for once*

Classmate: OH MY G0D DO YOU GUYS LOVE EACH OTHER?!!?!111!1??

Us: What no


Us: What the fuck no


2-dean: the reunion

2-D: oh dean you beautiful handsome man i am so in love wih you will you marry me

dean: hmm let me think about it………………..no

2-D: F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2-D: how could you do this!!!1 we’ve been together so long

dean: well 2-D….you see…there’s osmeone else in my life now….

dean: meet ven

2-D: *runs away*


2-D: sh*t….can’t believe this could happen….i’m so mad i turned into a muppet


dean: 2-D don’t smoke….it’s bad for yuo…i’m sorry about all this


dean: 2-D…..remember those days when i was monkey dean….the only thing that could cheer me up when i was sad was pictures of you

2-D: yes i do and i guess it was ALL A LIE

dean: no stu you don’t understand! i realized….i’m not complete without you….ven come here


2-D: you mean…

dean: let’s be friends 

(the end)

tumblr gothic
  • you scroll past posts, and the rest of the dashboard loads. you scroll to the end. you have seen every one of these posts before. it loads again, you are back at the top.
  • no one believes the first few survivors when they make their panicked posts. you do not believe them either. not until the update moves everything on your dashboard around and you join the others in screaming for your savior, the x-kit guy.
  • old timers talk quietly about old memes. they remember when everything was new. when the people were few. they remember the birth of many things. they remember nightblogging and i give you a hamburger. they have survived many memes. when they post selfies, you notice their eyes are dead.
  • the post is a good post. it is for a cause. a good cause. one that could help everyone, anyone. you reblog it. everyone reblogs it. there is a frenzy to signal boost the cause. someone disagrees. everyone argues about the post. fights break out. death threats are sent. on a whim, you check the post’s source. the blog does not exist. no one remembers ever reblogging from the source. no one remembers following the source. no one knows who the source was. the source never existed. it is still listed as the source on the post’s notes.
  • someone talks about bringing back once-ler. you hope they let it go.
  • the number jumps from 1 to 10 to 20 to 30 and so on. you glance away from it for a moment and find it at a forty-two when you look back. you click the envelope icon just as it jumps to ninety-nine. your inbox is empty.
  • the latest meme on your dash eats at your brain. it consumes you every time you laugh at it. eventually you venture into the deepest parts of its tag and search page. you reblog a few posts. you return to your dashboard to find a new meme has eaten everyone else’s brain.
  • the gifset is on your dashboard again. you don’t reblog it, but someone does. it’s there again. you block the post. the characters in the gifset suddenly turn to you and laugh before the post disappears. the sound rings in your head until you try to log off.
  • there is talk of another site, a competitor. created by people like you, for people like you. a site for the tired. a site for the weary. for those who have been here for years. for those who seek privacy. the site’s name is whispered and passed around. but it is not long before all talk of it dies. it is not long before the other site itself is dead. no one talks about it. there is no escape still.
  • all you need to do is click logout.

Braced against the wall, Kayleigh heaved a breath. She’d thought that the tournament would just be a dumb way to kill time. She’d thought she was doing fine. But the fighitng…it was a lot. Too much for her. Squeezing her eyes shut, she took steadying breaths, wishing she still had the strength to fly up to the waterfall, get some air. Be at peace. But her back ached from the trainings and from carrying her during the fight. She couldn’t even stretch, let alone fly.

Closing her eyes was not better. She could still see things behind her lids, things she shouldn’t remember anymore. Hearing footsteps, she tensed up. “What do you want?” she tried to snap, the words coming out with no bite at all.

Pairing: Yato/Hiyori
Theme: living

“Mm… Yato?”

Watching his eyes open, Hiyori raised a hand to tuck strands of brown hair that had fallen in her face behind her ear, seeing icy blue ones looking back at her as he murmured a drowsy ‘yeah?’

Frowning, Hiyori pulled the covers a bit higher.

“…Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be alive?”

He frowned. “I am alive.”

“No, I mean…” she hesitated and looked down. “…To be alive… as a human. You’re a god and… though many people would think that’s better, don’t you get… lonely?”

Yato blinked, at a loss for a few seconds. After another moment, he raised a hand to run his hand through his hair, looking away with his brows knit. He was silent for such a long time that Hiyori began to murmur and apology, thinking she had upset him.

“…I guess,” he mumbled, the same uncomfortable look in his eyes. “Most people I know don’t stick around… you’re basically the first. I mean, I’ve got shinkis but… things happen. Vaisvarana’s hardly someone I can talk to and the other gods mostly look down on me…”

Frowning, a hand reached out to cup his cheek before she could stop herself, thumb brushing against his cheekbone. Slightly surprised, he stared at her before giving a lopsided smile and rested a hand over hers.

“Oi. Don’t look like that.”

Shifting to be closer to her, Yato leaned in to brush his lips against hers, pulling back with the same slight smile but a warmth that reached his eyes. Breath caught in her throat and she gave a small smile, legs tangling with hers as she curled up against him, feeling his chin on top of her head.

“I’ve got you, you know? You make me feel plenty alive.”

okay but gimme a plot in which muse a is the daughter or niece or something of this super famous record label owner and in her spare time she’s always in the recording studios wandering around and seeing all these artists writing and recording music but nobody ever notices her or they just ignore her and all she wants is to do the same as they do and write music. and she has this notebook where she has lyrics and the songs she’s written stuff. but then muse b, who is in a new and up-coming band and they are making their debut album, appears and they bump into each other or something and they start talking and they become friends and yeh. and he is writing songs and then suddenly ‘oh oh is that a love song i wrote about her it is oh shit’ and like he’s playing it one day and he doesn’t realize that she’s listening to him playing and then she’s like ‘hey that’s a really great song it’s beautiful’ and he’s like ohshitohshitohshit but she doesn’t realize it’s about her and !!! so he’s like ‘thanks but it’s not that good and i can’t finish this part’ and she’s like ‘oh you could blahblahblah’ and then he’s like ooooh you’re great and thEY START WRITING SONGS TOGETHER but she doesn’t notice that the ones that are about love and he’s writing are abouT HER and only he knows that she writes and yeah ?? osmeone plEAse??¿?

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*whispers* John and Sherlock were called on a case. When they got there Sherlock could tell something was wrong. The crime scene was almost too put together. Sherlock turned to John to tell him but stopped when he found John on one knee with a ring. Greg, Andersen, and even Sally were starting around smiling and cheering. Sherlock of course just blinked at John for a few moments before he could actually answer.


His name was 지민 - Chapter 5

His name was Jimin - Chapter 5

“Forever yours.”

Words: 1725

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5

Masterlist [X]

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You and Yoongi had become good friends, you always laughed together and had begun to hang out a lot recently. You and Yoongi had just been out and watched the new comedy movie together. He gave you a ride back to your apartment. Jimin was already home and was preparing dinner for the two of you. “Jiminah?” You said as you stepped into the livingroom. “In here honey!” He sang from the kitchen. You walked into the kitchen and gave him a back hug. “The movie was so funny, Jiminah you have to watch it!” You smiled pulling away from him. He turned around and outed at you. “oh, what’s wrong?” You pouted. “Kiss kiss?” He pouted in a baby voice, making you giggle. You wrapped your arms around him again and kissed his lips. Making him smile.

After dinner you snuggled on the sofa watching an episode of the lastest drama. Your phone made a little tune as you recieved a text. You stretched your arms out to grab it off the coffee table. It was a text from Yoongi. “Thanks for today! I enjoyed it a lot bro!” You sent back “Same bro! Thank you :D” and put your phone back on the table. “Was it Yoongi?” Jimin asked. “Yes.” You answered placing a hand in his hair. “Oh.” he said and there it was. The forced smile. “Jiminah is something wrong?” You asked placing a hand on his cheek. “No.. I .. No.” He hesitated. “Yes.. you.. yes, Jiminah tell me.” You said playing with his hair. “I’m just being stupid.” He said leaning away from you. “Park Jimin, Talk to me. I hate seeing you upset.” You said leaning at him. “You spend a lot of time with Yoongi.” Jimin pouted. “Jiminah, you’re not stupid, Yoongi is a friend and if you think I spend to much time with him you’re maybe right.” You said, Jimin was surprised by your answer. He leaned back and kissed your cheek. “I love you, you know that right?” He genuinly smiled, making you smile too. “Yes and I love you too, My heart belong to Jiminah, I’m Jiminah’s girl remember?” You said, making his smile wider. “You’re right, your Jiminah’s woman.” He said, leaning closer, eyes on your lips. You leaned into him kissing him, him kissing you back.

You and Jimin walked hand in hand down the street, you were going grocery shopping. On the way you bumped into Yoongi. “Hey Y/N, Jimin!” He waved. “Yoongi, hi!” You smiled. He walked over to you both, Jimin’s grip on your hand became harder. “How are you doing today?” He asked. “Good thanks, we’re on our way to do some grocery shopping, how are you? Long time no see!” You said, he laughed. “I’ve been out with my friends, I’m heading home right now. We have to meet up again soon!” He said as he began to walk away. “Bye!” You waved as Jimin began pulling on your arm.

You were going to Yoongi’s place today to have a catch up since you hadn’t seen each other for a while, the both of you being busy. “Honey,  call me when you wanna go home, so I know.” Jimin said before kissing you on the forehead. “Ok.” you smiled, kissing him back but on the lips instead, leaving a smile on his lips. You walked out of the apartment and headed to Yoongi’s place. A 20 minutes bus ride. 

You stepped off the bus and walked toward the apartment building, in which Yoongi lived. You ate food together and talked lots, about movies, dramas, life. Laughing and enjoying yourself you looked at you phone. 11.24pm, it was late. You thought it would be for the best for you to head home now, Jimin was probably already in bed and you knew he hated sleeping without you. “Thank you for everything!” You said giving Yoongi a hug before you left. “Take it easy on your way back!” He said closing the door after you.

The night was cold, you put on your (Jimin’s) gloves, you still had them after that night almost two years ago. You smiled and began you walk to the bus stop. 35 minutes!? No way. You decided to walk a few stops instead of waiting in the cold. The streets were empty and the street lights were the only source of light. You didn’t call Jimin, afraid of waking him. After walking for a few minutes you stopped to check your phone, you realised you hadn’t done so all night. 4 texts from Jimin… “When are you coming home? I miss you :(” “Are you ok? Are you having fun <3?” “I ate all the candy.” “Honey? Are you coming home soon? Do you want me to come pick you up with the car?”. The latest text being an hour ago. Oh gosh… You called him.

He didn’t pick up. You tried again, but he still didn’t answer. Maybe he was asleep. You continued walking. The darkness and shadows gave the street a very spooky feeling, you felt yourself slowly getting scared. Looking behind you more and more, speeding up your steps. Stupid bus.

You walked past a nightclub, a few drunks were standing outside,obviously kicked out. A few minutes later you noticed osmeone behind you, was he or she following you? was it one of the drunks? Scared, you called Jimin again. Still no reply. Again, Again, Again. Finally he picked up, his voice stressed. “Honey are you ok!?” “Jiminah I’m scared.” You cried. “Do you know how worried I am right now!?” He yelled. “I saw you texts…” “Honey where are you? I’m driving, I’m passing Yoongi’s place now.” “I’m 4 bus stops from his house.” You said. “Ok, stay there, I’m almost there.” He said hanging up on the phone. You sat down on the bench at the bus stop. The figure following you sat down next to you. He was a stranger, the smell of alcohol made you sick.

“Hey” He said smacking his hand onto your thigh. You pushed his arm off. “Keep your hands off!” You said and stood up from the bench. Couldn’t Jiminah get here soon? “Who do you think you are.” The drunk said, his words unclear. You just ignored him, until he wobbled over to you. You backed away and walked around the bus stop but he followed you. How annoying. You spotted the white car up the street, relieved. You walked back into the bus stop, the drunk following you. He began touching your arm but you  backed away and continued to ignore him. The car drove past, it wasn’t Jiminah. The drunk suddenly approached you making it hard for you to back away. “Can you please leave me alone.” You said. “Who do you think you are” He said again. You pushed him away as you walked away from him again not expecting him to push you back, making you trip and fall on your face. “Agh!” You said, you climbed back up and touched your forehead. Blood. 

A white car stopped infront of the bus stop and Jimin stepped out of the car. The drunk had dissapeared. As he saw the cut above your eyebrow he rushed over to you. “Honey are you ok? What happened?” He asked worried, pulling you to the car, helping you in.  He ran around and sat in the drivers seat, pulling his sleeve over his hand he whipped the blood off your forehead. “Do you know how worried I was?” He scolded.

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A tear slipping down your cheek. “I’m sorry.” You began, feeling the cry in your voice. Jimin hugged you as you let out your cries. “Ssh, honey, it’s ok, I’m here, you’re safe now.” He comforted. “A drunk guy pushed me so i tripped and fell on my face, he left when you pulled up.” You explained. “Let’s get you home.” Jimin said and started the car.

The two of you arrived home, Jimin helped you get your coat off and dragged you with him to the bathroom. “Sit.” He said, clearly angry. You took a seat on the toilet. He took a cloth a soaked it in cold water, before gently placing it against your cut. He carefully washed the cut aswell as your face. He rinsed the cloth and soaked it with cold water again. “Do you know how devastated I would be if something happened to you? huh?” He said. “mmm..” You said, facing away from him. “Hey, hey, look at me.” He said and sat down infront of you, his hand on your thighs. “I would get a heart attack or even worse. I love you so much, seeing you injured would wreck me.” He said. “I’m sorry.” You sniffed. “Don’t appologize.” He said and stood up again. “Stand up.” You did as he said and he pulled you against him tight. You felt him relax into the hug. “I’m glad you’re safe. I love you so much.” He said. “I love you too Jiminah.” You said, resting your hands on his back.

Jimin was holding you tight against his chest all night.

You woke up early next morning, alone in the bed. You stepped out of bed and walked into the living room where Jimin was sitting. “Sleep well honey?” He smiled. You nodded and sat down next to him, he pulled you close against him. “I love you.” “I love you too Y/N” He smiled. “Well you better get dressed I have something big planned today.” He smiled. “Oh, what?” You said, excited. “Surprise.” He smirked.

An hour later you were in the car driving on the high way. “Can you give me a clue?” “No.” He teased, making you pout. You drove on for quite some time. Eventually he drove off the highway and the two of you arrived by a lovely river. He grabbed your hand and you walked towards the water. The two of you sat down by the water. Jimin handed you a neatly wrapped gift. “Oh, why?” You smiled. “open it.” Jimin said, nervosity hiding in his vocal chords. You took of the rippon and the wrapper. “a box?” You smiled. You opened it, inside was a ring, a diamond on the top of it.

Marry me.

if michael isn’t under my tree this christmas i’m suing santa? for everything he has. i’m going to take the elves & all the toys. and then everyone will hate him because he didn’t bring them anything for christmas….and then his wife will realize she can’t associate herself w his crusty christmas ass and she is going to leave him. then he’s gonna be all alone. just like me