here’s my newst qr design! since i’m starting university again soon, i figured i’d make an outfit that reflects what i typically tend to wear during the school year. although i’d probably opt for some black leggings instead of a skirt, i like this outfit just the same. i hope you guys like it too!


my latest creation! just something quick i made since i recently started playing again. i restarted one of my towns, so i needed something for my mayor to wear. so here it is! this is an autumn outfit and i quite like it, i’d like to add some finishing touches on it later though.

enjoy, lovelies <3


i’m back into the qr-making groove! here’s a floral crop top and a skirt. the shirt isn’t based off of anything in particular, but i got the inspiration from forever21’s new spring stuff, since there are so many floral crop tops :) enjoy! 

as usual, if you’d like me to switch up any of the colours, just send me an ask and i’ll see what i can do :)