oslo plaza

A suite at Hotel Plaza in Oslo is 50k Norwegian kroner (6k usd) a night + room service and champagne AND public indecent exposure in addition I rly rly hope Even has parents or a sugar daddy to fix things

Little things you may want to know if you are a foreigner writing “SKAM” fanfiction

First of all: If you write moving “SKAM” fan fiction, I probably have a weak spot for you already. That said, the little details that makes “SKAM” so relatable in Norway sometimes get lost in translation. I decided to write down some of the points that have made me arch my eyebrows while reading. Here goes:

Norwegian teens usually adress adults by first name. The SKAM gang would never adress each other’s parents by Mr./Ms. Surname.

The hotel Even took Isak to is called “Oslo Plaza” or more commonly, just “Plaza”. “Radisson Blu” is hardly ever used by Norwegians, certainly not by people living in Oslo.

Elvebakken (”Bakka”) is another upper secondary school in Oslo. It is situated between the flat Isak lives in with the collective and the flat Even lives in.

Using nicknames is largely uncommon in Norway, unless we are talking about established short forms of longer names, like Seb(astian) or Alex(ander/andra), or Anka for Anne Kristine. Evy is an established female name, very unlikely to be a nickname for Even. (Just look at Julie Andem’s little Instagram gift.)

No rule is without exception: I am aware that the squad occasionally calls Magnus “Mags” and Isak “Issy”. This is a better example of how Norwegians play with English than of Norwegian name culture.

All-night supermarkets are not a thing here. Also, you cannot (legally) buy alcohol in the shops after 20.00 hrs on weekdays or 18.00 hrs on Saturdays. On Sundays there is no alcohol sales in shops at all.

Edited to add the very good point from @bb8roll:
Also, a lot of English puns doesn’t work in Norwegian. And the distinction between “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” doesn’t make sense as Norwegian has a gender-neutral word: kjæreste.