princesspussystank asked:

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You’re the best. You’re also an enabler. how dare u. 

1 - Deasils actual name is Reginald. He was Alterac nobility at one point; that all changed when his family chose to go to the Horde and he decided to leave to make his own name. 
2 - Oskah is a lightslayer and prefers to be in the lower ranks - it’s hard to give out orders when you don’t have a lower jaw and won’t let anyone make you a better one. 
3 - Calhoun didn’t intend to get into a cult but hey, shit happens. 
4 - Floyd is often ostracised for being a dwarf who does magic a lot - so he prefers to not rely on it entirely. No dressing in robes for him. 

spookyqueenofdicks asked:



★ - Oskah is very vulgar. If he was able to speak no-one would like to listen to him. 
★ - Deasil dislikes anything non-human tbh. He refused to side with the Horde alongside his family and is visibly uncomfortable around worgens. 
★ - There is nowhere Oskah won’t put his gross rotting tongue. That incudes drooling over things just to be gross. 
★- Calhoun’s pretty handy with a crossbow. He enjoys shooting things.
★- While not entirely social, Calhoun is obsessed with being center of attention. Who cares if you’re doing something important, he’s reading a book and you should all be in awe of his intellectual power.
★ - Oskah is extremely hostile to anything that isn’t Forsaken. He’s not allowed to live? You’re not either. He’s trained for a long time to kill people - and he goes for paladins and priests primarily. 
★ - Calhoun doesn’t care about anything but his bird and his fox. They’re both well trained but he rarely has them by his side ; he prefers to only rely on them in combat or to have them tail behind, keeping him safe from a distance. 
★ - Calhoun and Deasil are loosely connected - Calhoun worked at the stables that Deasils’ family owned.