Bringing this sexy back.


Winchesters are coming to town

You better not scream

You better not cry

You better not die

I’m tellin’ you why

Winchesters are comin’ to town

They’re makin’ a list

And checkin’ it twice

Gonna find out who lives and gets iced

Winchesters are comin’ to town

They see you when you’re bleeding

Then know when you won’t live

They know if you’ve been turned or not

So be human for goodness sakes

You better not scream

You better not cry

You better not die

I’m tellin’ you why

Winchesters are comin’ to town

With real silver knives

Machetes soaked in dead blood

Demon trap bullets

And creatures that run

Winchesters are comin’

Oh Winchesters are comin’

Winchesters are comin’ to toooooooooown!

Have a very Merry Winchester Christmas to my Supernatural fandom!

Grounder language ( Trigedasleng )


Ai — personal pronoun “I”
Osir - “we” - includes person you’re talking to
Oso - “we” - excludes person you’re talking to
Em - he/him
Hon/Honen — they/their
Yo/Yu - you
Yumi - you and i


Don - used to indicate past tense
don + VERB - the past tense. ( ex: ai don fis em op - i cured him. )
na + VERB - the future tense ( ex: ai na fis em op - i’m going to cure him )
ma + VERB - the first person singular
Ste - present tense ( ex: ai ste fis em op - i’m curing him )


Hod op — stop/wait
Raun — as a group
Zog — attack
Zog raun — attack en masse (as a group)
Kamp raun — go to/stay near
Pul we — draw away
Breik (au) — (to) free
Fis - to cure/heal
Chit — what
Kom — from
Skai — sky
Slip — fell (self explanatory)
Den — then
Trikova — shadows
Ripa — reaper
Kru — people
Gonplei — fight
Oden — over
Klir — safe/alive
Klin — death/suicide
Nowe — never
Tu — two
Pas — after
Ban — left behind/leave
Lok — look
Stelt — hide/hidden
Nomon/Nontu — mother/father
Tri — tree(s)
Kamp — take
Sen — hear/heard
Souda — must
Vieda — raid/raiding
Sobwe — tunnels
Ai gaf — i want/i seek
Gona — warrior
Trigeda - forest/woods
Gonasleng — the language that warriors speak (warrior language - english)
Trigedasleng - the language that the grounders speak (forest language)
Trigedakru - tree people (what the grounders call themselves)


Branwoda - distinguishes between water that one can actually drink vs. water one probably should not


Ai gonplei ste odon. — “My fight is over.”
Oso gonplei nou ste odon nowe. — “Our fight is never over.”
Shof op. — “Be quiet.”
Breik em au. — “Free him.”
Hod op. Den, oso na zog raun kom trikova. Yo tu: kamp raun emo tri. Artigas, yumi na ste stelt kom taim Ripa ge pul we kom emo honon. Den, oso na breik oso kru au. — “Stop. Then, we strike from the shadows. You two: take the trees. Artigas, you and I will remain hidden until the Reapers are drawn away from their prisoners. Then, we free our people.”
En ai gaf gouthru klir. — “I seek safe passage.”
En ai gaf gouthru klin. — “I want to commit suicide.”
Ai laik __. — “I am __.”
Ai don sen in chit bilaik ai gaf sen in. — “I’ve heard what I needed to hear.”
Nomon, nontu, hod op! Ai don hon em op! Em slip daun kom skai! — “Mother, father, wait! I found him! He fell from the sky!”
Taim yu drag raun, taim yu ge ban au. Oso souda lok em veida tro op fou bilaik emo hon emo sobwe op. Pas daun, em bilaik— — “If you fall behind, you get left behind. We must find the raiding party before they reach the tunnels. After that, it is—”
Ai don ste fis em op — “I was curing him.”
Ai don fis em op na sis oso au. — “I cured him to help us. “
Ai na fis em op. — “I’m going to cure him.”
Gona ai don fis op ste klir. — “The warrior I cured is safe.”
Gona bilaik don fis ai op ste klir. — “The warrior who cured me is safe.”
Ai don tel em bilaik oso ste klir. — “I told him we were safe.”
Jus drein jus daun. — “Blood demands blood.”

So after the ambush at Redstone farm, I wandered over and helped out a researcher gather Eldan artifacts from Chompies! There was a challenge to get the chompies as quickly as possible and I got a gold medal for it! I could clearly see the Skylar farm from my vantage point, but knew I wouldn’t get anywhere with trying to convince them to leave. So, off I went to speak to some Trooper Vog, who told me that the Dommies had taken refuge in a Falkrin temple and were refusing to leave. How rude and shameful! I’m sure that they didn’t let the Falkrin know they were coming - I mean, I just touched one of their totems and they attacked lil’ ol’ me!

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m-rphy asked:

they are not just the trikru, they are the trigedakru (sorry for being a creep but I saw your tags on my trigedasleng chart), and thus the name for the language is so long. they probably only say "oso/osir sleng" when talking about it though ^^

Thanks. I thought it was the conlang guy who called them Trikru, but it must be a fandom thing. I know there’s the start of a movement within fandom away from calling them Grounders, so that may be where its coming from. Personally I think with 12 tribes and only one group name we’ll be using Grounder for a while yet.