They Say No Lies

by ultimatebellarke

Only those in a bond of marriage are allowed safe passage. It’s a just negotiation deal for Clarke—but Octavia knows her brother thinks otherwise. // read on ao3

The Grounders all have their arrows cocked, ready to fire at a single command from their Head—who, much to Octavia’s astonishment, is an elderly woman. She is carried on a chair by several warriors, and is voiced by her much larger, stronger Second. She tries not to stare at the elder, she really tries—but the sight is so rare. She can’t remember the last time she saw someone so old.

Clarke’s voice pulls her away from her gawking. “We mean you no harm,” Clarke is saying, “Osir laik skaikru en osir gaf gothru klir.” We are skaikru and we seek safe passage.

The Second hisses, “We do not welcome strangers.”

“We have protection from—”

“We are part of no alliance. Turn around at once, or be killed.”

Octavia scowls, a hand reaching instinctively to her dagger. Clarke continues, desperation tinting her voice. “If you don’t let us pass, we are all going to be dead.”

The Second, eyes flaring, opens her mouth, but is stopped by a single lift of a hand from the elder. Her voice is quiet, barely decipherable. But Octavia hears the words: “Teik em.” Let them.

The Second’s mouth falls. She hisses, “Ogeda em?” All of them?

The elderly shakes her head. “Hedon.“ Law.

The Second’s eyes scour over each of them. “Our Land is sacred ground,” she says. “Only the truest of bonds may pass.”

“What bond?” Octavia asks.

The fire of the Second’s eyes now targets Octavia. “Hodnes.” Love. “We require a bond of marriage.”

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One time I was chatting with @slakgedakru and @dedalvs about grounder rap battles and decided to make a fresh prince grounder cover. Here it is.

Nau disha bilaik sontaim hashta ha
Ai sonraun don ge swich op won sheidgeda
En ai na gada tika in sen yu daun sis
Ai na biyo ha ai don kom au heda kom polis

Ona nout trigeda ai don set of
Raun stegeda oma lukot don lev op
Chichplei, granplei, gonplei, you
Osir don dula emo op raun osir hou
Ba won tesa ai don ge led op os
Sheidjus don blid au kom ai ledon
Ai lukot don sin in sheidjus ona swis
En ai don get klin ai zodon bilaik polis

Taim ai don kom op tromon-de gon laud
Sadgeda don stot au en ai don gon daun
Natblida don ste yuj ba ai don win au
Ai don ste soulou natblida ona polis nau

Fleimkepa don ron ai fleim-de op
En ai don dula oma dula en Tagspidon op
Ai don sin stegeda in kom noun, uf, en fiyanes
En daun bilaik ha ai don kom au heda kom polis

Now this is a story about how
My life was changed one night
And I will take a moment, Sit down sister
I will tell you how I became heda of Polis

In North trigeda I was born
Near the village, all my friends trained.
Talking, training, fighting, we did them near our home.
But one practice I got hurt good.
Nightblood bled from my wound.
My friends witnessed the nightblood on the knife and I knew my fate was in polis.

When I arrived the horn sounded
The conclave started and I fought
Nightbloods were strong but I won
I was the only nightblood in polis now.

Flamekeeper gave me the flame
And I did my duties and the speaking of the names
I watched the village with wisdom, power and compassion
And that’s how I became heda of polis

live reactions to the cockles panel

At least part 1 and 2 cuz the 3rd part isn’t up yet:

jensen grabs misha hard. yes yes. M: ‘we had the perfect plan, i was gonna nap, and jensen was gonna hum old folk tunes and drink whiskey’

M: “Jensen and I were like…” at Jared throwing rocks at glass.  “Jensen and I”

J: “It’s nice for us to have someone like that in our lives” us, we, our, like? *sigh*

“We were like…” they point across the stage.  J: “Misha and I…”  so much couple y language in this video right now.

Jensen grabbing Misha’s shoulder. eeee they touch eachother sooo much

Jensen unicorn laugh spotted!  "Jared is the henchman whose job it is to torture you, w/ you it is my friend and protector" *HEART EYES*

“save it for when we take our pants off” jensen is embarrassed and laughing w/ a misha face and he points at misha and nods.  Like, yes, good idea Mish.

jensen goes to take his pants off and misha looks and he acts innocent, but then Misha says “You can”  Yeah I bet he can Misha.

Stage hand takes the shirt off J’s waist and misha says “Thank you that was bothering me too”  lmao he wants an unobstructed view. (don’t look at me)

Misha is really trying to tell his story but Jensen is trying to talk about selfie sticks and Misha is like “Shit!” frustrated. # married

they’re settin the skit up w/ Osiric and Jensen says “You can tell Misha’s been a director”  awww praising the babe

they do the skit. M: “Jensen was such a dick.”  and they do the reenactment again and Misha is giggling so bad

M: “Onto your next question” J: “I don’t think there’s been one” they laugh and look embarrassed lol  You 2 should be embarrassed bc I’m embarrassed watching you.

M: “Whatever happened to napping and humming?” J: “That woulda been really nice” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ok napping is code for sex and humming is a new one…we need more evidence on this one…but we’ll be pg rated and say it means Misha likes it when Jensen sings to him in bed. *coughs*special rome blowjobs*coughs*

Misha grabs Jensen’s shoulder again and say somethin about Bob and Jensen laughs M: “Inside joke, sorry”.  inside joke having couple. you’re gross.

Misha says a fan is workin on their india russian accent and Jensen says he should help her.  XD accent kink is strong w/ him, fanfics comin to life before my eyes.

aw, he wiped the glitter off on j and acted scared cuz J was ‘mad’ and said 'i hate it when you get that look in your eye’  *clears throat* so Jensen often gets ‘that look in his eye’ and goes after misha…ok. ok. 

M: “the most annoying thing about Jensen is his smell and his personality” then he smells j and mish says 'i don’t smell’ and j says “yeah you dont”  JENSEN IS THE EXPERT ON HOW MISHA SMELLS OK.  He said something about Misha not smelling cuz he ‘s an angel??? He is so into Misha as an angel, I’m like 98% sure he calls him that in bed now.

M: “The truth is Jensen doesn’t have any annoying qualities” Fan: “I agree” M: “You don’t know him that well” LOL BURN  I love it when Misha is mean and snarky.  It is the best.

Well, until part 3 you guys.  That was fun.  And by fun, I mean soul crushingly embarrassing bc they’re so into each other it makes me puke. :D

    &&. @azkeyva get’s garbage tossed @ her.

        ice like hues followed the red head that paced in front of her door. how did she get in here? how did she set foot on wintam territory without being detected? & where the hell were her guards?! ❛ azgeda. ❜ she spoke firmly, her hand already reaching for the knife that was nestled between the material of her pants & her skin.  ❛ yu don already killed our gonakru & ruler, chit mo do yu need to take kom osir? ❜

Five Facets Of Abby Griffin (2/5)

Summary: Abby Griffin has a lot of facets. Marcus knows and loves them all. Even when she infuriates him.

[FF] or [AO3]

5 times Abby Griffin was loving


Abby had the gentleness of a mother.

That was something Marcus had accepted long ago, well before Clarke was born and even before the Griffins had started talking about putting in a request for being allowed to try to conceive. It was just something about her… The way her incredible strength always mixed with a softer more patient side.

He had never paid much attention to it. She was his best friend’s wife, it wasn’t his place to notice how sweet she could be. It was something he just knew but never gave too much thought to, which was why he was so taken aback when he found her running her hand through a sleeping Clarke’s hair on their way back from Mount Weather.

Nobody had wanted to linger in the underground bunker but it had been late when they had started the hike back to Camp Jaha – they needed to find a new name, he was going to put it first on the to-do list – and night had fallen quickly. There were too many injured people to attempt to continue walking, Marcus had ordered a halt to everyone’s relief.

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if i gotta go first, i’ll do it on my terms (you’re gonna lose what you love the most)

[or: what it means to love the commander. // ao3.]

if i gotta go first, i’ll do it on my terms (you’re gonna lose what you love the most)
i’m tired of traitors always changing sides / they were friends of mine / don’t hang around when the promise breaks / or you’ll be there when the next one’s made / we’ll welcome the new age covered in war paint / you’re not alone in anything / you’re not alone in trying to be
—bright eyes, ‘ladder song’


On her twenty-third birthday, Lexa tells you that the average life span of commanders is twenty-four years, one month, and seventeen days.

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