OMG… You all know how much I love when they bite their lips!! And his dimples?!?! *flails*

“Eu disse que eu era completamente capaz de fazer um café sem pedir para alguém ou botar fogo na casa inteira. E sobre o suéter, eu ainda não tenho uma opinião formada sobre ele, mas é da coleção nova de natal dos meus pais e eu preciso pelo menos dar um apoio, mesmo que a coisa seja um pouco bizarra.”

Me, when I’m debating on whether or not to watch another episode of this show...

I don’t really want to, but I’ve gone so far! *rolls eyes at self*

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Baozi and Hana are cute together 💕 I actually screamed when I found their instagram, what a blessed couple ;;

I know right!? They’re so perfect and love each other so much, just look at them…

Hana also cosplayed Kanda!!! TuT

I cry everytime I see their instagram, just kdhsdjhadkd is this Heaven’s gate!? I wouldn’t mind if they received me in Heaven or whatever…

And then thE IR MOST RECEN T WOR K !!!


They hav E MATCH IN G RIN GS TOO !!! 

((But being serious they’re so kind and their work is just amazing, and they’ve been together for five years already I cry. They deserve all the love in the world!))

look i get it

it’s super cool to have a character of color played by a person of color

but let’s not make the same mistake producers make

if mulan is chinese, the actor that plays her should be chinese, not korean

if pablo escobar is colombian, the actor that plays him should be colombian, not brazilian

let’s not put several different cultures and nacionalities under the “latino” or “asian” label,  because although it’s better than having a white person play us all the time, we’re still not giving cultures the individuality they deserve

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Lmaooo why is your harry tag "don Enrique" lmfaooo that is so funny to me b/c there's this man down the street que siempre sale out on his porch solo in his boxers nd this nasty Chivas jersey and it got me dying comparing the two 😭😭😭

this is probably the funniest and most random ask i ever got in my one year two months of blog life.. you’re amazing! 😂😂😂
my mom refers to him jokingly as “don Enrique” which is one spanish variation of the Harry name, and it stuck with me! she doesn’t know a Harry Styles, it’s don Enrique Eduardo Estilos.
also i’m curious: is your neighbor a nice person, a pesar de su exhibicionismo? how is he like?
have a beautiful day, anon! thanks for making me laugh 😂