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  • Rin wouldn’t mind if you were older than him
  • he feels a lot better about dating people around his age
  • doesn’t understand why people get so freaked out about age gaps
  • especially if it’s only 3 or 4 years apart

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  • Yukio has no problem with it if you’re just one or two years older than him
  • maybe three years
  • he likes more mature girls and would rather date someone a little older

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  • Bon doesn’t have a problem with it
  • age isn’t a big thing for him in relationships
  • will cut the line if there’s an incredibly large gap between you two
  • he likes having a more mature s/o but also somone who can joke around with him 

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  • Renzou loves having someone older than him
  • he likes to brag about it to his friends
  • he doesn’t have a problem dating someone a little younger than him either
  • definitely tries to get you to buy him porn if you’re of age

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  • Konekomaru usually doesn’t date people out of his age range
  • will usually date someone a year older or younger
  • very rarely will he date someone three years or older
  • he feels a lot more comfortable with relationships if his s/o is around his age

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  • Shiemi will get nervous if there’s a larger age gap
  • she would rather date someone a year or two older than her
  • nothing more than that
  • would be willing to date someone younger than her but only by a year

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  • Izumo doesn’t mind dating someone older than her
  • she thinks it’s nice because of how mature you can be
  • probably wouldn’t date anyone younger than herself
  • she secretly likes to be spoiled by an older s/o

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  • Shura likes to date people older than her
  • “I’m only 18, remember? <3″
  • because of her young looks she can get someone a little older than her
  • she also probably doesn’t mind dating people younger than her