Valkyrie Leona and Dark Valkyrie Diana from League of Legends
Leona by Oshley Cosplay  (myself) and Diana by Lunar Crow Cosplay.

Photography by Kevin Free Photography
Taken at PAX Prime, Seattle, WA


August 4, first picture: My Friday workspace! Here I have the Wonderflex and foam templates for my upper leg armour, gauntlets and lower leg armour (which is now covered in fabric)! I giggle every time I create a new piece of the cosplay.. I can’t wait until I cover everything in my new beautiful red fabric.

I’m still unsure about what I’m going to do for the stones Alex has on her gloves, tiara, necklace and dangling from her baby horns. The purple gems there were my first choice but another visit to the craft store presented me with other candidates.

August 6 –> Present
My leg armour was the first piece I wanted to finish and was an ongoing project until last night. I used Wonderflex thermoplastic to form and mould the armour to my leg, then I glued down red fabric, applied my golden borders and voila! I’m happy with how my first piece turned out and excited for the rest of my costume!