SayaMilky Line Phone Call Natsu Matsuri Subbed

I actually didn’t plan to release this today on Sayaka’s birthday, but only when I was halfway through it, I realised how close it was to Sayaka’s birthday and decided to release it today! Haha.

This was from Sayaka’s 2nd solo live segment at Natsu Matsuri 2016 that was broadcasted on Nico Nico Douga on Sunday 11th July 2016. It was meant to be a SayaMilky segment but since Milky has stopped participating in most 48events, it ended up being a solo Sayaka slot instead.

During the live, Sayaka performed Yasashiku Suru Yori Kisu wo Shite, Ima Naraba (solo), Warukii and Seishun no Laptime. After doing the first two songs, she even decided to use the time to call Milky who was supposed to be there and this is the subbed video of the LINE phone call between Sayanee and Milky!

things i know about the caps: (thx to the fans' feedback)

- oshie is really protective
- there are 4 swedes on this team (thats a lot wow)
- brobeans???
- braden holtby is actually a hipster
- all the guys on the team look up to backstrom he’s like a 2nd leader
- kuznetsov is a funny dude
- andre burakovsky is a puppy
- schmidty is a goof
- they’re basically all kids just having fun on the ice

Jurina’s 755 translation (07/15)

今日は、40分しか寝てない😭 そんななか伝えたいことが❗ AKBフェスの放送、ぜひさえちゃん推しの方にも見てほしいです✨✨✨珠理奈推しのみなさんはもちろん✌(05.19 AM)

Today, I don’t sleep (I sleep) only 40 minutes 😭 during such there’s I want to tell! Broadcast of AKB festival, for those who are Sae-chan’s fans please look forward at it ✨✨✨Certainly every Jurina oshi (too) ✌

ねむたん😭 (06.01 AM)
Sleep-tan 😭


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