My Top 10 Favorite Caps Moments of the Season Thus Far *Part 3*

30. More Oshie shootout goals (3/23/17 vs CBJ)

Shootout King TJ Oshie decided to give us an encore of the 2014 Olympics with this shootout goal against Bobrovsky. To date, the Caps have won 2 out of 7 shootouts, Oshie has participated in all but one (injury), and has made 4 out of 6 shootout goals.

29. More Burky goals (2/4/17 at MTL)

Between my last top 10 post and Burk’s unfortunate injury, he scored a goal in Montreal, and of course I’m going to put it on this list because it’s beautiful and I love him.

28. More shutouts (2/5/17 vs LAK, 2/7/17 vs CAR, 3/2/17 vs NJD

With these three shutouts combined with the ones I’ve already covered, our goalie tandem has given us eleven shutouts. Holy friggin god.

27. More overtime winners (¾/17 vs PHI)

It’s been awhile since we had an OT winner. I covered most of them in the last post. But the latest addition was from my love Nicklas Backstrom, the true MVP. It was so pretty and I cried about this for awhile after it happened cause I love Nicky a lot.

26. More shorthanded goals (2/11/17 vs ANA)

Personally, I believe that shorthanded goals are more exciting than powerplay goals because they don’t happen as often and are really sweet. Daniel Winnik had a really pretty one to add to the other ones this year.

25.  Brooks Orpik’s fight against Steve Ott (2/18/17 at DET)

Brooks Orpik, in by far his best moment of the year, absolutely friggin pummeled Steve Ott, and it was awesome.

24. TJ Oshie poppin’ bottles (2/5/17 vs LAK)

It took everyone a minute to realize that not only had Oshie scored, but had knocked the top off the goalie’s water bottle. Visual of the year.

23. TJ Oshie’s hat trick against the Lightning (3/18/17 @ TBL)

TJ Oshie scored two goals early and then threw an alley-oop shot to the empty net to finish the hat trick. It was his first official hat trick as a Cap (cause evidently playoff hat tricks don’t count in official stats).

22. Jakub Vrana’s first NHL goal (12/9/16 at BUF)

I can’t believe I forgot this one in my other lists. Jakub Vrana is such a cutie, and one of these days he’s going to be a goal-scoring machine. I was so happy when he got his first in the big leagues.

21. Zach Sanford’s first NHL goal (2/11/17 vs ANA)

God bless our sweet young giraffe. I rooted for him so hard in his first stint, but he just couldn’t break through. Turns out he couldn’t have picked a better time to get that first career goal. He put the Caps up late in an incredibly exciting game, and I think I might have cried actual tears of joy. And now he’s gone. I miss him so so much and I hope the Blues are treating him well. I think he’s doing really well in St. Louis so I’m happy for him but I also miss him a lot.

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