I finally did it!! Shiny Oshawott popped out of it’s ball after 22794 soft resets! My     favorite kind of shiny hunting is hatching eggs, because I can breed them so they’re competitively capable, as I enjoy battles, too. However, I’ve really been missing random encounters lately, but I didn’t want to just do random hunts. That’s how I started hunting for real back in gen 4 and I’ve done a whole lot of it, so I decided to do badge quests! Starting with my favorite games, black and white. (A badge quest is where you have to find a shiny Pokemon before you challenge each gym on your journey, starting with soft resetting for your starter.) I went with Oshawott, because I already have shiny tepig that I hunted years ago and I plan to SR for Snivy when I do my White 2 badge quest. Extremely excited to actually start my white badge quest!!