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I'm sure a lot of us who were teens at the time had a massive obsession with Shadow. Like, the joke gets thrown around a lot but "IT WAS JUST A PHASES MOM".

I was a very angst ridden and edgy teen. :P

(This is not in alphabetical order since I wrote them all down in the order I got them and I’m too lazy to make it alphabetical ^^’)

Time for me to figure out how to word stuff! XP

Hey everyone!! I wanted to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE AMAZING BIRTHDAY!!! My birthday was this past Sunday (7/12) and you guys really made this birthday special! I have never gotten this much love on my birthday and I never thought I ever would get this much! I love you all so much! What did I ever do to deserve you all??

This is to say thank you and to give a big shout out the everyone who was here for my birthday. Whether it was a simple message, a gif set, edit, or a drawing, you are all getting thanked today! :D

Thank you cosplay-pikachu for the AWESOME gif set!!

Thank you truepokefan for the WONDERFUL edit!!

Thank you ryuuismypreciouscinnamonroll fantasietraum bxttleloverscarlet and aoi-yuki-ryuu for the AMAZING drawings!!! I love them all so much!!

Thank you to the anons who sent me a birthday message!!

And thank you all for the AWESOME birthday messages!!! 58 of you sent me a message and you are all amazing. And there’s even more when you count the anons (I forgot to count how many anons there were)
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Once again, thank you all so much!!