osha is such a good character and only a few people know it

so this guide is going to be a very very basic overview of what it’s like to WORK AT DISNEY WORLD (pt. 1)! i have a somewhat in depth knowledge of the process and what it’s actually like to be working there because i worked there doing the college program for 5 months. this will be a v v basic overview though and maybe if i feel like it, i’ll do a college program version as well, but here it is!! please like or reblog if you found this helpful!!

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Waking the Dragon

In trying to understand Dany, a few things you can immediately take away from her POV chapters in the very first book, are illustrated through her mantras:

  1. “if I look back I am lost”
  2. “I am the blood of the dragon.”

She herself is aware of the actions the Dothraki do in her quest for the throne - they raid, and rape, and collect slaves. How does she respond?

“This is war, this is what it looks like, this is the price of the Iron Throne.”

She tells herself to paddle through it, albeit ultimately stopping the rapes, taking the girls as her own slaves.

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