Being-in-the-Void: A Heideggerian Analysis of Skydiving

Le début, my friends–the academic paper seen ‘round the world; the paper that launched… hopefully a thousand more of these posts.


“There is only emptiness. Between the time of jumping out of the plane and hanging in the parachute, one is falling thorough a void. The ‘being-in-the-world’ has become a 'being-in-the-void’. The equipmental context is not only broken but absent—the reference structure is lacking. There is nothing to refer to, with which to orient oneself. There is no circumspection (Umsicht).”

Gunnar Breivik, “Being-in-the-Void: A Heideggerian Analysis of Skydiving,” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 37 (2010): 29-46