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Occasionally my voice will get quavery when I’m nervous, and the first thing I do is slow down my speech and enunciate. I take deep breaths between sentences. This helps me focus on my words rather than on my nerves. Try that. 

Some of the comfort comes with practice and with exposure to real patients. I mean, this was your very first time. Everyone expects you to be nervous. But to some extent the nerves come from being watched. I was way more nervous when I knew I was being watched and graded than when I was with real patients. So try to forget that there are cameras on you and tell yourself that today is a regular clinic day. 

Take three deep breaths in and out before you knock on the door and step into the room. Focus on that alone. That will calm you and help you focus on the task at hand.

If the anxiety is a problem that doesn’t improve with experience, talk to your doctor or counselor about it. 

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Have a system that you follow. Make it your habit to walk in, introduce yourself, wash your hands, drape the patient appropriately, and then sit down. Follow the same steps in your history and physical every time. It doesn’t have to look formulaic, but have a rhythm so you always know what’s next. That way you don’t have to think so hard. You can go on autopilot.

Eye contact. Jot down notes as you need to, but look at your patient!

Smile. Not a cheesy fake smile, but smile appropriately. Nod your head as your patient talks. Lean in to listen or to show compassion. Show that you are paying attention. 

Don’t interrupt the patient. 

Keep an eye on your watch. Know how much time you can allow for your physical exam. You don’t want to run out of time, and you can always ask some history things you forgot initially while you are doing your exam. Give yourself a minute at the end to wrap up the encounter with the patient.  

Use your $2 words. Don’t use big medical terms and don’t assume the patient knows what you’re talking about. Get used to this for real life. Use words your patient can understand. 

Practice at home on your family members or roommate. Treat them the same way you would a patient. Go through your whole rhythm with them. Then, when you’re in with a real or standardized patient, be as comfortable with them as you are with your family. 


Okay, so here we go! Here are some important things to say before we get started:

1. [EDIT] Nevermind about what I said. NOT a drabble, an actual one shot ok fam oKI OK
2. I’ll be giving you guys a list of prompts that I got from a post which will be linked (i’ll brb on this)
3. Since I just really wanna see if this would work, I can only give you guys one whole day (ahh I’m sorry). If this thing goes well, we’ll have another one. :D
4. Ooo you can pick one person from the maknae line as your male lead (95s + Kookie) for this one because I wanna make a separate one for the hyung line ooops.
5. Fluff and funny please fam. (I swear if it works, we’ll open up more genres and I’ll allow you guys to write about whatever.)

Oooo okay so PROMPTS!! I got all of these from this post and basically I picked some favourites so here we go:

- ‘Why the fuck are you choosing that for a gift to your crush’ Gift store AU
- ‘You’re really short and cute and you buy a cup of black coffee every morning but you make weird faces as you sip it and you never finish your drink are you trying to look mature or something’ Coffee shop AU
- ‘Every morning you walk in and inhale deeply then walk back out seriously just buy something already’ Bakery AU
- ‘We have a free refill policy for soft drink and you’ve prepared several empty bottles what the fuck’ Fast food chain AU
- ‘You run in looking really panicked and you ask for 6 gallons of milk why’ Corner shop AU
- ‘I’m your manager and holy shit you have crazy fans’ Idol/Manager AU

These ideas are NOT mine. They are by cup-of-hot-coffee so credits to them.

SO YEAH. I really hope a lot of you participate and I’ll be looking forward to reading your guys’ work :)) I’M SO EXCITED OH MY GOD.

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Look Inside Banksy’s Creepy Disney-Inspired Amusement Park

It’s like Disney World, but the nightmare version.

Welcome to Dismaland, an art amusement park created by artist Banksy that will haunt your dreams.

Dismaland is a five-week show housed inside and around a derelict Tropicana building in Weston-super-Mare, a seaside town in Somerset, England.

Photo by Christopher Jobson for Colossal

Banksy describes his wonderland as a “family theme park unsuitable for children,” according to the BBC.

Which means that you can appease your children by taking them to an amusement park while simultaneously torturing them.

Yui Mok / PA WIRE

No kidding.

Yui Mok / PA WIRE

The park features enough apocryphal Disney World imaginings to ruin a 5-year-old forever.

And works go beyond just Banksy. Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, and other artists have pieces on exhibit.

And while it’s all so creepy, it does make you THINK…

Yui Mok / PA WIRE

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