I’ve already begun to rack up tickets for shows in 2017 despite it only being October. The furthest out event that I’ve purchased them for so far is PETIT BISCUIT’s San Francisco debut at Popscene on April 14th, because I’m truly that excited. The French producer is without a doubt one of the most respected talents in the scene right now, and it’s obvious why once you dive into his new remix, a spectacular re-imagining of Australian artist Hayden James’ melting single, Just A Lover. PETIT BISCUIT’s remix is a lover indeed, a gently twinkling, grand atmospheric melodic bass suitor whose every slice and oscillation enfolds our hearts in bliss. The melancholy in Hayden’s voice is drawn out in this edit, resulting in a most heartrending, dewy rousing experience.The stunning makeover is a free download on PETIT BISCUIT’s website, where you can also find out more about his impending North American tour.

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Celebrating New Who, Day 4 favourite character- Rose Tyler (for many reasons, including her obsession with chips). To summarise: