A T-shirt design that I will probably never use or print. A big thank you to oscillatingprofessor for helping me brainstorm as I was putting this together. It’s on a transparent background for your convenience. Feel free to use it however you want, just don’t sell it or use it to make money.

oscillatingprofessor asked:

16, 18, and 25 <3

I’ll love you if you are a kind person with a nice personality (super cliched answer, but it´s true) 

Most traumatic experience, uuhm logically it SHOULD be the time I was told I had a brain tumor and the whole ordeal with that, but the first thing that popped into my head was anything that involve a spider in my close proximity, that´s when I cry, freak out, hyperventilate and flat out believe I will die!!

My idea of a perfect date, right, I have no experience with this, so let´s make something up right now, food, cosy atmosphere, laughter, I don´t really care where/when it would be, as long as both parties know it´s a date. I think that´s my final answer, the perfect date is when both know it´s a date!!! If you ask my friends I´ve been on several dates without me knowing it was a date, which is SUPER AWKWARD!!  I´m sorry that going to the cinema with a person of a different gender makes it a date, please, if you want to make it a date date, tell me you want that, and I´ll say Yes or No based on my feelings towards the person… I´d go to the cinema with a duck if no one else wanted to see the film with me!! 

oscillatingprofessor asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers

- I haven’t murdered anyone yet.
- I can touch my toes….Is that a nice thing to say….well it isn’t a bad thing right?
- I erm….I…have gotten less ‘punchy’ as i’ve grown into a ‘adult’

- I think i’ve finally mastered that ‘nail painting’ gig

- I like my eyes? I guess…I mean aside from them being a bit broken and me needing glasses.