your arm around my shoulders. you oscillate your eyelashes, draw circles on my hand. you’re the only thing binding me together besides the scared skin your salty tears touch. you’re a part of the ocean, current resting in your winding curves. vast space, unkind to strangers and those who do not try. your leg moves involuntarily to the feel of your heart beat, so much of something (no one really knows what) that you can’t contain it. the rhythm you unknowingly play against my leg is the closest to your heart i’ll ever find myself
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #88// anonymous
The Rise

Art is art; life is life; and society is a show
within this oscillating mass that we call the “status quo.”
We are high on the good times without medication,
effective at soothing only through means of sedation.
But to not sedate and medicate is refusal to oscillate.
Just wait, history will rotate back around once again.

But I know why we lie somewhere between sane and insanity
and we have a false image upheld through our vanity
but aren’t we sane if we understand our own brains
and although you see “normal” I see clearly
and it’s not nearly as bad as it’s shaded
but through these eyes that see lies I am jaded
and I swear I’m not deranged but its strange
and the line that’s been drawn’s become faded 
and I try to know why I am 
and I cry for a hand to held me stand
and I’d die if I could but can’t
and I rely on the help of a plant to soothe my mood 
but the soothing prevents feeling, physically
and emotionally it’s stealing my feeling
and numbing’s not healing and the high was so great
but then I hit the ceiling 
and from the top I could finally stop.

then the drop

With the way the wind blew in the dark light
the sick scythe can be seen in shadow on white
walls within were I am, window adjacent
to the bed I’m burrowed in, hallow and vacant
as the fire’s burnt out after it’s sudden combustion
and no fuel remains in me for it’s consumption
and the passion that once was returns to a dull gray
as my soul has burnt out and I fade away.




mmm new oc new oc (my tablet has been malfunctioning these past few days and this was the best i could draw before it started glitching out

she’s…out there.i  really wanted a character that was confident and bold as i feel like i’ve been making mostly quiet and shy characters for a while now.charli is the definition of confident. she exudes confidence wherever she walks. she could even possibly have more confidence than oscil inkwell.

but charli encountered a time in her life where she completely threw away the idea of limits. she saw limits as a means of trying to contain her. she started taking on life with the approach that she could do so much more, be so much more. there were numerous times this mindset helped charli for the better, but there were just as many times where it backfired. where charli had her mind set on something and even when she accomplished her task, she couldn’t stop. she just had to do more. she couldn’t find a sense of self satisfaction and her confidence and self trust simply crumbled and faded away. her obsession with limits never really stopped and even though on the outside she may seem confident, inside it’s a mess. she hides her emotions and while people see her as confident, there’s nothing more. she’s scared to share more about herself and puts on a demeanor that leaves a bland personality to others.


If you put that ball on that machine while it wasn’t spinning, it would just roll straight down the lower sides. 

The raised edges would keep it in the middle line, but it’s only controlled in one direction. By spinning it, you constantly alternate the position of the tall sides, meaning that the ball is held in the middle, never able to fall off.

Particle accelerators control particles in the same way. Magnetic or electric fields can only direct particles in one plane at a time, so to keep a beam of particles rushing down a particle accelerator in one focused stream, the current gradient must constantly oscillate. This means the particles are constantly held in place, never able to shoot off in one direction.

Here’s the same principle in action: these are tiny pollen grains being held in place by an oscillating field. Rods in the four corners of the beam establish a field that oscillates many times a second to keep the pollen trapped. If it didn’t constantly switch, the pollen would all fly off in one direction.

Watch the full film with Dr Suzie Sheehy for more.

i feel like gatiss and moffatt didn’t really get what they signed up for like…. they should have realised that if you’re going to write a sherlock holmes adaptation, then you’re naturally going to attract fans who can be counted on to pull apart every tiny detail of a show. every word that the writers will say about it, every little tiny bit of info we are provided with, we’re gonna use them to theorise.

LIKE: if you tell us ‘it’s a love story,’ and have always dreamed of the day when a tv show will have a gay detective and his boyfriend and be considered completely normal, and if you tell us that he’s a man out of his time, and if you tell us to ‘be part of making history,’ and if we are told ‘oscillation on the pavement always means there’s a love affair,’ and that ‘neither of us were the first you know’………………………….there are literally too many examples to even fit into one post but like, come on??!?!?!!! we deserved better 

Honestly, I oscillate widely from “Lena and Kara’s first time together would be so sweet and tender and awkward and giggly and slightly uncomfortable but r r pure” to “those two wouls be Sin. Thered be so much Sinning I can’t even describe the sin it’d be So Much @Lena we get you’re enchanted by the oblivious alien please tell me you’re going to sterilize that desk and Kara you have a type why is it always powerful women w family issues”

Why the signs are difficult to date

Taurus: they’ll betray you and you’ll probably never even find out

Capricorn: they’re always waiting for someone better to come along

Virgo: they nit-pick you to pieces

Libra: they constantly flirt with other people

Gemini: they think being two faced constitutes emotional depth

Aquarius: they’re incapable of intimacy

Cancer: they’re not over their ex and likely never will be

Pisces: they have no idea who they are and neither do you

Scorpio: they oscillate between suffocating closeness and icy distance

Sagittarius: they blow up at you then wonder why you’re upset

Leo: they treat you like a competitor rather than a partner

Aries: start fights for absolutely no reason cos they enjoy conflict