The good news is that I can post this vine again, the bad news is that I can post this vine again. #Oscars2016 “#oscarweekend”

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It's Oscar Weekend

So it’s finally here. The award show this has ALL been for. Will BC walk away with the small golden man statue? There was a time that I hoped against hope that he would and really pulled for him to win. A year on, and while my support of BC will continue, I find myself hoping for the exact opposite. Do I feel this way because I think the other nominees are more deserving as their performances are of a  higher caliber? Possibly. Do I feel this way because of a lack of talent from BC? Certainly not. I’ve admired BCs work for many years now and lack of talent is never an opinion I would ever have about him. Do I feel this way due to the Showmance/WTFry we have been subjected to over the last 7 or so months? You bet I do. This is how I feel about this whole situation as of today (actually longer)……….

I am purely here to sit back and watch the show and sip some tea, spectate if you like.

I would like to think, or at least hope, that tomorrow night will see the grand finale of this Fuckery show but we all know that it seems this is sadly not to be. 

The WTFry train will continue to roll on a while longer I feel…….So here’s to the next chapter……..