To all Taylor Lautner's fans!

If you love Taylor Lautner and have TWITTER, please tweet this: Taylor Lautner #OscarBuzz, it takes less than 20 seconds and will help him to get the OSCAR, because it’s an Oscar Nomination! Please give him a chance to win! Robert and Kristen are now first and second, Taylor is just 8th

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Why do some fans feel their love of the franchise needs to be justified by the Academy?

For example, I LOVE Alan Rickman doesn’t mean I’ll do everything to make sure he must win the Oscar. I just think he deserves it because of his role as Severus Snape. He is the real Severus who have specific characteristic with his cloths, voice and emotionless-look-like, while Severus in the early part of the books is like some one who make Harry’s life hell and then turn to hero in the end.

I don’t understand why some people are so ‘Sirius’ about the awards?

It does not matter that Harry Potter movies or stars will win/nominated the Oscar or not, it still (and will be) one of the iconic movie/book/franchise in our generation!