at Leica Gallery Vienna and Leica Gallery Salzburg, Austria

With the Sounds of Vienna exhibition, the Leica Gallery Vienna and Salzburg are celebrating Franz Hubmann, one of the greats of Austrian photography, who would have turned 100 on October 2. Precisely ten years ago, in honour of the photographer’s ninetieth birthday, the WestLicht Photo Museum organized the last exhibition of his works to be shown in Vienna while he was still alive.

Franz Hubmann, who photographed all his life with a Leica, was a master at filling his pictures with the sounds of the streets and of life in Vienna. His unerring capacity to capture the moment earned him the honorary title of “Austria’s Henri Cartier-Bresson”, though he was, of course, a photographic talent in his own right, the “incorruptible chronicler of the essential and the supposedly unessential,” as André Heller called him. (+)

Exhibition dates:
Oct 3, 2014 - Jan 15, 2015 (Vienna)
Oct 3, 2014 - Dec 28, 2014 (Salzburg)

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Let's Do It
  • Let's Do It
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Louis Armstrong meets Oscar Peterson

Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson - Let’s Do It (1957)

This is astounding.  A nearly nine minute rendition of Cole Porter’s first ‘List Song’ (from the musical Paris), elegantly eased out by Armstrong, Peterson and their band members for the sessions.  Recorded 31st July 1957 it was omitted from the 1981 Verve LP but made it onto the Verve CD reissue in 1997.

Today’s audiopost was going to be The Politburo - 20th Century Bum, but after this came on random play last night that went right out the window.  Perhaps later.  But really, this is immense.

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