listen la la land is a good movie but that’s it. its not 14 oscar noms good. the real problem is that it’s safe. it’s nothing spectacular. it’s a decent, safe, white movie. movies like moonlight and fences are important and daring and fantastic and so much more

the academy is sleeping on my man c farrell

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look at this shit, he threw dirt all over that flawless face just to not even get nominated

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that’s right colin, u heard right, that rat bastard casey fuckin affleck is on the list instead smh

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Oh my FUCKING GOD.  Logan was incredible.

I know they won’t do it because it’s technically a damn superhero movie, but I wish the Academy would put Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart up for Oscar noms for this movie.  They were so on top of their game it isn’t funny.  My poor goddamn heart ached during this movie.

But by far, the tipping point for me was a simple line:

“So this is what it feels like”

I swear to god the tears just freely fell from my face at that point… and if I wasn’t in a theater and with my friends I’d probably just break into an ugly sobbing mess.

This fucking movie.  Oh my god.