I had the opportunity to photograph local legend Oscar Myers recently. He’s a long-time San Francisco musician who’s played with John Lee Hooker, Ike Turner, Etta James and James Brown. And, he still plays every Tuesday at Madrone Art Bar with his band, Steppin’.

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Please help find our lost puppies and bring them home.
Names: Axel and Oscar Myer. Brothers-Male Dachshund mix (Microchipped)
Missing Date: Friday 7/24/15 from Sears St. SD 92114
Phone: 619 793 6829 or 619 315 8209
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man I had so many pictures to choose from

but I chose this one

look at that girls smile haha and Oscar myer looking all demon eyed haha.

I choses this one because of how happy she looks.

the love was so so real man. she was my everything.

I think I really made her happy back then. I believe I still can.

joining the military

the distance everything that has happened its just so much man.

so much..

its so hard I mean like my mom and other family coming down on me Dakota all her family and friends hating me work coming down on me even in tech school man.

like Friday holy shit fucking Friday I just wanted to give up.. I was helpless Friday I had no more fight left in me.

I look at our pictures together all the time just to remind myself you know

like what you’re fighting for. what you’re putting every bit of sweat effort into

we were so happy the love was so strong and true she was the first person I didn’t push away.

she was the first person in my life I ever truly trusted.

the first person I ever let in.

my first and honestly only love.

man so much has happened. fuck and none of it was easy.

me and Dakota made a lot of mistakes. we hurt each other so much most of the time through miscommunication and it was totally unintentional.

honestly I’m grate for even still having the chance to talk to her.

she broke up with me. but we still talk everyday just about ha.

like what happened to us kota. we were so in love. still are.

why you know. why. what a shit show.

its so hard. I have no clue what she’s going through but man it’s so hard ha.

just for instance I was on the phone with her kinda just asking her to talk ha like just keep talking kota.

her voice makes me feel better that and I was on the verge of tearing up wanting to ask like damn what happened.

I guess i’m just looking for hope. 

like some peace of hope this is all going to work out.

I don’t think she know or has noticed but man whenever I met her I was some street rat skateboarding taking random ass classes working some random job.

I lost my job she had to pay for everything for a while.

ever since then I’ve been working so hard. trying to be more successful so I could take care or help her if she ever needed it. just to be an over all better person. I’ve came such a long way. and honestly it’s only uphill from here.

I wanted her to love me so bad ha. I did everything I could saw her as much as I could went out as much as we could I would stay over as late as possible stupid stuff. the gifts.

stupid hah. I still feel the same though. I just want her to love me.

stupid I shouldn’t of pushed that hard. ever. I was  so dumb looking back at it all you want to know my favorite moments together was when we were just cuddling watching random movies talking about random stuff

going for random drives

talking on the phone whatever.

she has came so far to it’s amazing honestly. I’m supper proud of her.

to me it’s all worth it.

I see those pictures I remember that day think of those memories

what it felt like to hold or kiss her. her smile.

and no shit I feel the same way about her today as I did way back when the love was innocent.

I look at those pictures for the motivation to keep working to keep trying to work things out together with her.

for the hope that everything is going to work out and that we are infact soul mates.

I tell myself this stuff all the time. keep myself going.

sometimes I feel like they’re just empty words. like come on Michael you can give all the effort and love in the world nothings going to change. and you know that may be true. but if all the effort and love in the world could give me one more chance or moment with her.

that’s fine with me.

that’s what it’s all about.  that’s why i’m trying.

I believe in love.

it’s there. it has to be.

otherwise i’m just hopeless haha.

one day I hope we can be reunited for good.

love ya


          pookie haha.

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