saturday afternoon i plan to be at the adult theater. posted on craigs . well last couple times theater was disappointing,guys said they would show up but did not. couple guys were at the theater but they had cocks that were small. one was the size of an uncook wiener barely ½ inch diameter . another was hardly 5 inches long and thin like a oscar myer hot dog. even popper could not trance me enough to enjoy these shamefully small penis’s . well hope some alpha men with nice cocks show up ..

types as marine animals
  • INTJ: box jellyfish
  • INTP: lionfish
  • ISTJ: stingray
  • ISTP: flying fish
  • INFJ: big-eyed scad
  • INFP: threadfin rainbowfish
  • ISFJ: cleaner shrimp
  • ISFP: mandarinfish
  • ENTJ: blue-ringed octopus
  • ENTP: barracuda
  • ESTJ: clownfish
  • ESTP: dolphin
  • ENFJ: symphysodon
  • ENFP: starfish
  • ESFJ: oscar
  • ESFP: pufferfish

Can I tell yall how old I was before I learned that people actually bought hotdogs buns for hotdogs not intended for a bbq?

What chu mean yall don’t use sliced bread for these regular ass Oscar Myers?

Hotdog buns was the equivalent to fine China when the guests came over. Like you got hot dog buns? WHO COMING OVER?

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