oscar winner

According to an interview posted by Salon:  “I just like feeling comfortable and as far as I’m concerned I’m really dressed up. I am very happy to talk about it. I don’t do frocks and absolutely don’t do heels, I have a bad back. I look ridiculous in a beautiful gown. This was a homage to ‘Mad Max’ and I obviously didn’t get it quite right at the BAFTAs — the scarf was meant to be an oil rag.” -Jenny Beavan, oscar winner.


Kids recreate celeb looks at the 2014 Oscars!

Another brilliant work from photographer Tricia Messeroux for her yearly ToddleWood project. 

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. My father took me to see it at the Marlboro Theater on Bay Parkway in Brooklyn. Going to a Disney animated film then was very special because they were few and far between and I can recall going to them so vividly. 

As special as they all were, this one was a watershed moment in my life. Never had a movie touched me so deeply from every aspect. I already knew I wanted to be a part of The Walt Disney Company, but this secured the desire in me beyond anything that had come before. I can recall everything from that evening including where we parked to what I wore. The magic of that film made the entire evening such a visceral moment in my mind. When we left the theater it was snowing…more magic. 

I was blessed to be working at Disney seven years later and was privileged to work on The Little Mermaid product with several people who animated on the film. All great art whether it is sculpture, painting, poetry, film, song, or dance has the power to impact and change our lives. That film changed my life that night.