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So yesterday, Valentine’s Day in South Africa soon became a day filled with tragedy and sadness as we learned that Reeva Steenkamp had been allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend, Olympian and Paralympian, Oscar Pistorious. Apparently it had been a mistake as he’d thought that a burglar had entered his house.

While everyone was caught up in how this tragedy took place and, unfortunately, making inappropriate comments and jokes on Twitter and facebook I decided to go through some of the trending topics concerning the incident and found tweets that kind of gave you a glimpse of who she was: a fun-loving, Xhosa-speaking, hip-hop loving friend and sister. I even went on her profile and it was so weird seeing tweets from literally 2 days  before her tragic death. She was a human being, not a trending topic. This was a person loved by her friends and colleagues; a law graduate, beautiful model, sister and daughter who (I’m pretty certain) will be sorely missed. I’m appalled at those that made light of this tragedy for the sake of a tweet. It’s scary that we live in such a heartless society. in her bio on twitter she ends by saying she’s a child of God. I’m certian that she’s with him right now. Rest in Peace, Reeva.

Superhuman of the Year: Oscar Pistorius

GQ correspondent Andrew Corsello sits down with Oscar Pistorius, soon to be the world’s first paraplegic Olympic runner. A taste below:

“Don’t get me wrong—it’s a privilege to be an icon for those who were born the way I was or who have been injured,” says Pistorius. “It may sound strange, but I’ve got to focus on the fact that what got me to where I am is my ability as an athlete. It’s about track now.” Which isn’t to say that Pistorius, who recently became the new face of Thierry Mugler’s fragrance, is indifferent to the way he presents to the world. “For walking around, I wear normal prosthetics. During the summer, I go with a more Mediterranean look. At the end of summer, I get them sprayed to lighten them up a little—they now come in twenty-eight different shades. Just for kicks, I go for the ones with the really impressive calves.”

anonymous asked:

my friend has this theory that OJ had an accomplice with the murders and that the gloves belonged to the accomplice, which is why the gloves didn't fit, but I feel like the gloves were OJs but i also feel like it could be a possibility. i'm curious about what do you think of their theory?

I just think OJ killed out of complete rage and it wasn’t premeditated, similar to Oscar Pistorious.