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Congratulation on you third Oscar nomination, Jennifer Lawrence!

“I have never studied acting, yet the very first time I went for an audition and did a cold reading, I surprised everyone with my honesty and transparency. They told me that I could play any part, because I do not have walls, I do not place obstacles between myself and the character I have to play”. 

It’s Selma that’s making my head spin. Ava DuVernay was, frankly, robbed of a Best Director nomination - a nomination that would have made history. She would have been the first black woman nominated for the award, the fourth black person and the fifth woman. And get this - she deserved it! The Bloody Sunday sequence alone makes the case for her inclusion, although I’d say the rest of the film is very well directed. Also left out from Selma is Bradford Young, who shot two of the best looking movies this year (A Most Violent Year, totally shut out, was the other). How does he not make the cut? How does David Oyelowo not get nominated for an incredible turn as Martin Luther King? And when you think about Selma being left out of the Best Screenplay race, think about this - the movie couldn’t use any of Dr. King’s actual speeches due to rights issues (Dreamworks owns the speeches, believe it or not). All of the speeches in that movie were written for the movie.

Dick Poop Or, The Expected Ignorance Of Oscar Nominations

Even if you expected the Oscar noms to be bad, you couldn’t have expected them to be this bad.

regardless of your faves Gone Girl was all-around deserving of a nomination. it was written and adapted by a woman, its lead and supporting actors were incredible, its score was phenomenal and chilling, its cinematography was clean and sharp. i honestly don’t understand why it was overlooked because hype aside it was really fucking amazing