Lizzie and Oscar!

These are original characters from our Paperman Project, which you can read about more on our blog–> http://bozukastudio.tumblr.com/paperman-project

The drawings are all relatively old at this point but I’m just gonna post what we had from the beginning and post more recent ones as we go. This has been in the works for almost 3 years so a lot of the concept art is pretty spaced out in skill level and design. ^^;

(I never really finished up that Lizzie sheet sadly, but she’s actually quite beefy now haha)


   Lizzie - Brandon’s adopted younger sister from England who basically includes everyone as her best friend unless otherwise stated. Her general default attitude is overly optimistic innocence. She has a very muscular and mature build from gynmastics and weight lifting and often gives the impression she may have super strength and is older, but her actual powers are just as electrifying as her personality and her mind just as naive. Despite her age, she knows when to be serious and is a good asset to The Crew.

   Oscar - A rundown guy with super speed who can be kind of selfish and grumpy but still is a part of The Crew and helps others. Lizzie helped recruit him and Brandon isn’t too happy about his presence but Brandon believes in Lizzie’s optimism more than he does Oscar and lets him stay. He’s been running to escape his problems practically all his life and, though he tries, is not always the most reliable when things get heavy.

When @danielaruah and I forget our lines and Linda Hunt remembers she has an Oscar and doesn’t have to put up with our reindeer games. #ncisla #season7#letthecountdownbegin - ECO’s instagram