Not only am I bad at posting updates about Snow + Ivy - I’m bad at finding time to check my favorite blogs. While binging on some OSBP reading this evening, I found a post about a moving announcement I designed for my friend, Natasha… the post is from August! I’ve learned my lesson… must indulge in my fav blogs more.

Check it out on OSBP here.

Bryan Konietzko[when asked about Mai's training] In my mind, her training came from boredom. It's more or less self-taught. She's our interpretation of a stereotypical goth teenager or something and I just imagined her in her dark bedroom throwing stuff into the wall. It just grew out of this boredom.


Aang: Sokka, you’ve got to get up and drill your rock climbing exercises.

Sokka: What? 

Aang: In one of my dreams, you were running from fire nation soldiers, trying to climb this cliff, but you were too slow and they got you.

Sokka: But that was just a dream, I’m a great climber. 

Aang: Then climb that cliff. Climb it fast! 

Sokka: Stupid Avatar. Stupid cliff. Stupid dream! I can climb fast!