The Firelord’s real name has been confirmed! I created the name “Honora” because I was tired of calling her “Zuko’s Daughter” then it became a popular fan name for 3 years. (Thanks, fandom!)

All hail Firelord Izumi!

Airbending: High Level Technique?

Because of this parallel I posted, I received 20++ messages asking me what’s the highest technique of airbending. Yes, I have replied with an answer. This time, I’ll be serious. 

One thing that bothered me in ATLA is why we never got introduced to the highest form of airbending, especially when the main character is the last airbender. Every time we got to learn about the air nomads it always Aang saying “The monks used to tell me that…" 

These high level techniques like Bloodbending, Metalbending, and Sandbending (yes I’ll include this one), requires the bender to sense the liquid or earth so they can manipulate them. A tumblr user commented in the parallel that air is everywhere, compared to each element.  So they don’t need to have a high level technique.I agree, but also disagree; There are others who have given good theories on that. This screenshot proves that there must be some high form of airbending that the monks only use in times of trouble, because they all believe that human life his precious. I think that  Avatar Yangchen herself used this high level technique since she confessed that there are deeds that were in direct violation of her Air Nomad teachings, for the greater good.

According to Aang, Gyatso was the greatest airbender in the world. You could see his body around dozens of Fire Nation armor. An indication that Monk Gyatso killed them, of course this was never explored. Kid’s show everyone. I always thought airbending could take away all the oxygen in someone’s body, its like an instant kill. The equivalence to the Avada Kedavra spell in Harry Potter, that would be the most deadly compared to bloodbending that could crush internal organs.

ironinkpen commented on this parallel I posted that the highest form of airbending is Sound. 


I’m calling it now, it’s sound. If the room is platinum, the only thing that really passes through high density metal is sound waves- the vibrations can get really intense. Sound-bending could totally get her out of that cage. 

But as you can see, Korra didn’t escape via soundbending. Soundbending is a high possibility. 

Let’s remember what Sifu Kisu said: 

We’ll probably see it in The Legend of Korra. Surely Aang knew of this technique since he was a master at age 12, I believe masters were told about this technique but did not recommend to use it.  He was also the last airbender -until Tenzin came, he learned this from Aang. 

Since this book is air, I really do hope this high level technique is explored. 

How to make a pan shot:

So koalaotters recently messaged me asking how to make a pan shot, I never really learned from the tutorials I searched, but I did figure it out.

This is usually do it, I’m not really good at explaining things but I hope this works for you. I used VLC and Photoshop CS6. 

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